Saturday, June 2, 2012

FFA: SEC Football Permanent Rivalries

As a Southern Man, I have a hard time even tagging anything SEC Football related as an FFA topic.  Since it's not wrestling related I will do so.

Here are the permanent rivals for the SEC going forward with the SEC West team on the left:
  • Alabama/Tennessee
  • Auburn/Georgia
  • LSU/Florida
  • Mississippi State/Kentucky
  • Ole Miss/Vanderbilt
  • Texas A&M/South Carolina
  • Arkansas/Missouri
I am glad that they have decided on the 6-1-1 setup as it allows us to retain some important rivalries like BAMA/Tenn and Auburn/UGA.  I also see great potential in the new rivalries of A&M/SCar and Arkansas/MIZZOU.

The SEC was great as it was, but I love the additions of the Aggies and Tigers.  The best just got a little better in my opinion.

Roll Tide, Roll!