Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cena's comments edited from RAW replay

According to DOT NET reader, Joe, some of John Cena's promo was removed from a replay of RAW.
WWE removed John Cena's "fudging" comment and his claim regarding Raw's average viewer being nine years-old from the replay that aired on Mun2
I think that's a good idea for the same reason Jason Powell mentioned in that article:
The PG mention and the nine year-old comments caught me by surprise. After all, what teenager wants to feel like they're watching a show that caters to nine year-olds? 
Hopefully this is only the start and we'll soon have all of John Cena removed from the initial RAW broadcast.  Hey, a wrestling fan can dream right?

Thanks again to Jason Powell and (DOT NET) for posting this note.