Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cena and Cole main event on RAW

You should probably realize by now that I thoroughly enjoy reading Jason Powell's Hitlist on DOT NET.  It is something I look forward to after every RAW so I can see how his perspective on the show compares to mine.  Well, he listed the John Cena vs Micahel Cole main event in the Miss section and I agree 100%:
WWE had lousy ratings last week so they assumed Cena beating up the heel announcer might keep viewers watching. They might even be right. However, I would not call watching Cena strip Cole to his underwear, slathering him with JR's BBQ Sauce, and beating him up a reward for the viewers.
It astonishes me that a company as successful as WWE thinks that this over-the-top goofiness is good business.  Beyond the fact that the Michael Cole heel gimmick is a a) tired and b) completely inconsistent since WrestleMania 27, it is just a ridiculous segment.  Even if I hated Michael Cole's character there was nothing entertaining or satisfying about watching him get stripped down, covered with BBQ sauce and then sprayed with a fire extinguisher.  I know many disliked the "bullying" aspect of it.  I don't care about that at all.  Due to the nature of Cole's character it does not bother me to see John Cena embarrass him.  What does bother me is that you essentially did the same thing in the Laurinaitis/Cena match at Over the Limit.  Moreso, it is not entertaining in the least. 

Ultimately, I am part of the problem, we are part of the problem.  Many, including myself, thought it was hilarious when "Stone Cold" Steve Austin assaulted Mr. McMahon in his hospital room.  We also found it amusing when he soaked him with the beer truck.  It was even funny when Kurt Angle did the same with the milk truck.  Our reaction to those skits encourages WWE Creative to go back down that road.  It is beyond tired at this point though.

It is amazing to see a company that was so hot with the return of The Rock and Brock Lesnar put on shows highlighted by John Cena embarrassing Michael Cole.  It really is baffling.