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Thursday, June 7, 2012

BSW: Saturday 6:05

This is one of my favorite Barber Shop Window shirts. Why? It takes me back to those days of my youth, sitting around all day on Saturday just waiting for the NWA to show up on TBS. That show is what got me into wrestling. Dad watched every week (Blame Dad) and it was part of our routine to flip it over to the SuperStation, channel 17 out of Atlanta, GA (Blame Ted Turner) and see the stars of the NWA (Blame Ric Flair).

Honestly, that is one of the things that makes me miss WCW the most.  The show was no longer what it was obviously, but at least the 6:05 on Saturday tradition still lived.  Actually, did they cancel this before WCW went under?  It seems they may have dropped it at the end.  Either way, the tradition died at some point and I still miss it.  At least for now I have the RAW and SmackDown replays on UniversalHD to give me my Saturday night wrestling fix.  It still isn't the same though.

My only gripe with this shirt is that I think it sounds better if it's 6:05 Saturday.  I know you don't get the Biblical/Austin 3:16 reference that way, but I think it sounds better.

That, of course, is a minor complaint and the folks at BSW have delivered the goods once again.

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