Friday, June 15, 2012

Bound for Glory series

DOT NET posted the 12 entrants for TNA's Bound for Glory series.

-Samoa Joe
-Bully Ray
-Mr. Anderson
-Robbie E
-Kurt Angle
-A.J. Styles
-Rob Van Dam
-D'Angelo Dinero
-Jeff Hardy
-Christopher Daniels
-James Storm

Not a bad lineup and the concept itself is pretty cool.  In theory, it should give more gravity to any match these guys are involved in.  Now I know how that often works, but if used properly this could get more heat on these guys as well as anyone they interact with.

As Jason Powell points out, James Storm has to be considered the favorite to win this thing.  He would be the right choice.  I think that Storm as a face champion is a winning idea.