Thursday, May 3, 2012

WWE Network update

From the WWE Conference call related to their Q1 earnings report as covered by DOT NET:
-A caller noted that the timeline for the launch of the cable network seems to be slower than expected. He asked what's holding things up. Vince said they are continuing to develop new strategies. He said they have the old strategy and new strategy and they're trying to determine which one looks best. He claimed the hold up is on their end, not on the end of the cable and satellite distributors.

-Vince said they want to own 100 percent of the network. "Control is extremely important and what goes on the network and the lack of restrictions for us is extremely important," McMahon said. "Our model is one in which will give us a lot more flexibility, which is extremely important to us, and that's one of the differences we're looking at."

-Vince was asked about the timeline and the announcement of distribution partners. Vince said he expects three months, maybe even less.
Personally, I'll believe when I see it. If you do not recall, WWE Network was set to launch around WrestleMania 28 but the countdown was dropped at some point before the event.

Vince talks other aspects of WWE's business if that sort of thing interests you.