Friday, May 4, 2012

Sting added to WWE Alumni section of

This is pretty cool. Current TNA star and former WCW mainstay, Sting, has been added to's Alumni section.
I am sure there will be those who trot out the usual, "Sting never wrestled for WWE, this is stupid!" nonsense.  To me, it's cool to have him there and it makes perfect sense.  He wrestled for WCW, WWE acquired WCW and that makes him part of the overall WWE legacy in my opinion.

What is also cool is the writeup they did for him where it touches on the "never worked for WWE" subject.

They start it like this.
Often dubbed “The Franchise of WCW,” the man called Sting is one of the most recognizable and unique faces in sports-entertainment history. It was that distinction that made him the backbone of the Atlanta-based organization throughout the late 1980s until the end of WCW in 2001.
They then wrap the article up this way.
Remembered for his colorful charisma and struggle with The nWo, Sting has become synonymous with the Atlanta-based organization. Although he has never competed in a WWE ring, more than a decade since the demise of WCW, he remains one of the most popular and respected competitors of all-time.
The Alumni section itself is pretty cool.  In fact, the redesigned roster pages in general are fairly interesting.  I strongly suggest you take some time browsing the revamped