Thursday, May 24, 2012

Owen Hart Remembered

It was 13 years ago that Owen Hart tragically lost his life during the Over the Edge PPV event. 

Though I remember exactly what I was doing that day, this post isn't going to be about what I was doing, instead, I'd like to take this entry to remember just how great and perhaps underrated of a talent he was. 

He had started his career in the late 80's, but it wasn't until his feud with his brother Bret which culminated with the fantastic opening match from WrestleMania X.

It was the biggest way to showcase his heel antics as the little brother so desperate to break out of his brother's shadow and he played it to a T.  Even years later when he reuinted with Bret and the British Bulldog to reform the Hart Foundation in 1997, he was very exceptional in his role. 

One of his underrated roles, and one that doesn't get looked at enough is his "return" to the WWF.  After the events of Survivor Series in 1997, the infamous screw job on Bret Hart, Owen had contenplated quitting and joining Bret in WCW, however, he decided to stay and made his return to the WWF at the Degeneration X PPV event attacking Shawn Michaels and starting the Black Hart.

The fans really took to it and gave Owen a really good reactions, notably here and at the Royal Rumble.  It could be argued that he could've been the second biggest babyface behind the rising Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Unfortunately, the push really got killed at WrestleMania XIV when he lost his match to Triple H.

He would later go on to win the tag-team titles with Jeff Jarret and eventually reprise his role as the Blue Blazer which would lead to his eventual death as he was set to enter the ring from the rafters when unfortunately, the ropes broke and he fell to his death. 

While his life had a tragic end, Owen gave us many years of great entertainment, here's to you Owen, RIP.

I'm going to end this by posting a couple of more videos highlighting how great Owen was, both from the Slammy Awards when he "won" them, becoming a 2 time winner.  Great funny stuff.

This one is his second Slammy win, which is quite hilarious.