Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A look at Lord Tensai

While I totally "get" what they are trying to do with Lord Tensai, that character just is not connecting with me at all. 

Here's why:
  • Look:  To me, his entrance costume is far too over-the-top and his ring gear looks terrible.  That dude is begging to be in a singlet.
  • Name:  The name is just silly.  I might like it better if they just called him Tensai though.
  • Sakamoto:  The whole manager/servant/attendant thing is just weird to me.  I also dislike the huge Lord Tensai logo on the back of his jacket.  It makes the whole gimmick look second rate.
  • Promos:  It is not just promos, but the whole deal with him speaking Japanese either in promo or during the match is kind of distracting.  Honestly, I'd rather him say nothing.
  • General Premise:  I appreciate the fact that they are acknowledging that Lord Tensai is Albert.  They really don't have much choice in that regard, but it is a smart move.  The whole "Former WWE SuperStar who went to Japan and has now returned more devastating than ever" gimmick actually does make sense to me.  That gimmick is pretty cool, but the problem is that they have focused too much on the Japanese aspect of the character and I think that should have been a very small part of it.
I do like how Lord Tensai is portrayed as an ass-kicker.  I wish that was more the focus than the idea of him being so immersed in the Japanese culture from his time there.  We need colorful characters in wrestling, but this gimmick looks like a throwback to New Generation WWE and that is not a good thing.

Hopefully, Lord Tensai will be tweaked somewhat moving forward because I see value in the guy.  I just don't think the current gimmick is going to get the most out of that.