Tuesday, May 1, 2012

John Laurinaitis returning to the ring at Over the Limit?

"Johnny what are you doin'?!"--Michael Cole

As you can plainly see, what John Laurinaitis was doing was assaulting John Cena and his "injured" arm. While I am quite certain that we will not actually get a straight Laurinaitis/Cena match at Over the Limit, I am not sure I like this move.

To me, what works about the Laurinaitis character is that he's a goof and clearly favors the heels, but he plays it pretty straight. He's not "Evil Mr. McMahon" or "nWo Eric Bischoff." That being said, I am certainly hoping that this is a ploy to have Brock Lesnar destroy John Cena.

I must also add that I am more curious than ever about where this storyline is going. That type of unpredictability can be a good thing when it is tied to solid storytelling.

Upload Credit: WWE's Official YouTube Channel