Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cena raps and then takes on A-Train

This video is positively bizarre to look back on now. Cena working the rap gimmick back when people like me still liked it. Bonus points for him wearing a Herschel Walker jersey in Savannah, GA.

Beyond that, this is 2002-2003 when John Cena was still an up-and-comer.  It's kind of cool looking back and knowing that he indeed did break through to true stardom.

You have to love good ol' A-Train, especially his music.  I still cannot believe how cartoonish the Lord Tensai gimmick looks on him.

Lastly, it's always sad to hear them talking about a fallen legend like Eddie Guerrero.

Also, Part 2 of this match can be viewed on YouTube here.

Upload Credit: L3GEND3SIXTEEN