Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brooke Hogan signs with TNA

Brooke-amania is going to be running wild in TNA, but not in front of the cameras or in the squared circle.
TNA President Dixie Carter tells TMZ...Brooke is NOT going to be a wrestler...but rather an executive who will be tasked to develop female talent.
Considering she isn't a wrestler you may wonder exactly how she is to do that, well TMZ adds...
We're told Brooke's duties will help up and coming she-wrestlers develop their characters, help with backstage promos and even consult on entrance music.
It is an interesting move.  Now I am not by any stretch claiming that she will excel in this role, but Brooke has been around the business forever.  We know her singing career never took off so maybe following in her dad's footsteps will be what brings her professional success.

Just for fun, let's see what Hogan fan, Scott Steiner (@scottsteiner) thinks about Brooke:
And maybe that P.R. firm can help your daughter too! Bcuz she admitted she could be a great Whore,when she tweeted that she could make more money on her back than I did in my wrestling career
I should be better than this, but when I saw that Tweet shortly after I posted this story I had no choice but to add it.

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