Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Big Show on RAW

If you named an MVP of the Memorial Day episode of RAW, you would have to strongly consider the Big Show for that honor.  While I was not terribly high on the prospect of a John Cena/Big Show feud I became a bit more interested by the end of this week's show.

I would like to point out that I am a fan of Big Show.  I think WCW really missed an opportunity with the guy by turning him so frequently.  Big Show screwed himself up in WWE for many years with weight issues, etc.  They have utilized him well in the past as WWECW's "Hardcore Giant" or heel tag team specialist.  Even his recent face run looking for his WrestleMania moment and handing his hat to kids on the way out to the ring was good use of the World's Largest Athlete.  All that being said, I wasn't excited about this feud for a couple of reasons.
  1. The whole deal felt rushed.
  2. The way he was treated last time he was a heel against Cena.
I have no way of knowing whether he will be treated any better this go-round, but I do know they made him look like the monster he should be in that final segment on RAW.  His promo work earlier in the show was solid (not great) and suffered from going on far too long.  I think if they want to get the most out of him, they need him to say little, look menacing while John Laurinaitis does the talking and have him absolutely wreck things when he is in the ring.

Next week is absolutely critical, if Cena comes out and riffs on Ace Ventura again and does his horrible comedy then we've got problems.  Now if Cena does that and then gets mauled by Big Show and is forced to be more serious from that point forward?  That could be a golden opportunity.

Long story short, all I want to see is Big Show being treated like the threat he should be.  If WWE does that then this feud might be pretty good.