Sunday, April 1, 2012

WrestleMania XXVIII

All-in-all I thought it was a great show.  I am surprised at some of the criticisms I am hearing about WrestleMania to be honest.

Let's take a match-by-match look:
  • John Cena vs The Rock--I may come back to this in a separate post.  For now I will say this, it was a solid match and had a great atmosphere.  The criticisms that "the wrong guy went over" are overblown in my opinion.  You do not bring the Rock back at WrestleMania in his home town to have him lose to John Cena.
  • CM Punk vs Chris Jericho, WWE Title--Lived up to the hype, the final transitions and psychology were on-point.  Although this appeared to be decisively won by Punk, I hope this feud continues.
  • Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus, World Title--I was disappointed that I wouldn't get to see a proper match, but the way it worked out was fun.  It will be interesting to see where they go with Daniel Bryan and AJ from here and whether that will involve Sheamus and the World Title.  Sheamus is a good guy to hold that strap.  
  • Triple H vs Undertaker (Shawn Michaels special referee)--Too theatrical at points, thought the WrestleMania 27 one was better.  Good drama though and liked the moment with the three guys at the End of an Era.
  • Cody Rhodes vs Big Show, IC Title--Big Show gets his "WrestleMania Moment" and they had a nice match.  I don't think Cody really loses anything here either. 
  • Team Teddy vs Team Johnny--As A1 poster, jerseyboy said, they telegraphed the finish with Eve being there.  I know I am supposed to hate Eve for how she treats Ryder, but I hate him more for putting up with her crap.  He looks like a tool in this whole deal.
  • Randy Orton vs Kane--Shocked that Kane went over.  Perfectly fine match, liked the finish.  I will be interested to see where they go with Orton from here.  I hope it's a heel turn and a possible feud with Sheamus.
  • Divas Tag Match--Maria from Extra seemed to be most concerned with selling her injuries properly and I think she did a good job.  I don't care about Divas so that is about all I have for this one.
  • WWE Tag Title Match (Pre-show)--Fun spotfest, I figured we'd have some title changes later in the show when Primo and Epico retained.  Rosa is hot.
  • WWE HOF Segment--I loved seeing real emotion from Edge. My wife busted me as I was kind of touched by that.  Thank You Edge started trending on Twitter and I said, "That's what is great about the WWE HOF."

Like I said, I thought it was a great show and completely worth my hard-earned cash.  I was glad to see the Rock back in action and cannot wait for RAW tomorrow night to see if we get some of these rumored returns and where we go with Cena and Daniel Bryan specifically.