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Friday, April 27, 2012

Shane Douglas on Hardcore Justice payouts

In this DOT NET article Shane Douglas complains about TNA's lousy pay to the ECW Originals at the Hardcore Justice PPV. Not to be a jerk, but if the workers agreed to do the show for such a sorry payday I fail to see how it is TNA's fault. Here is exactly what Shane said:
"After Dixie Carter did her show [Hardcore Justice] and paid the guys a ridiculous sum of money, $250 to go out there and do what we do better than most people do, that to me was just so disrespectful. For somebody who has been born and raised in a billion dollar household with a silver spoon in her mouth and up her backside, to ask guys to go out there and do that, for that little bit of money and then when it did better than any pay-per-view event in the last five years, didn't even offer so much as an extra penny on top of it."
Like I said, I cannot bring myself to get too worked up about this. Assuming the talent was paid every penny they were promised (unlike in ECW btw) then Dixie Carter and TNA are in the clear here. Shane Douglas complaining about it now doesn't really impress me much. I figure this is just another opportunity for him to try to make a splash like his pathetic "invasion" of RAW not too long ago.