Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scott Hall update

Mike Mooneyham of The Post and Courier recently posted an article that talks about Scott Hall's recent scrape with the law as well as his troubled past.

Some new information is here such as an interview with Marsha Field who allegedly was going to marry Scott back in 79.  He apparently got physical with her as well.
“Scott had a way of manipulating me ... then I would feel sorry for him and think he would never do it again. He tore up the condo I was leasing by kicking holes in the drywall next to where I was crouched in a ball. As I scooted down the hall he followed and kicked and punched and threw things into the walls. He really wanted to kick me but I was praying,”
When I think of wasted potential in wrestling history, two names come to mind and Scott Hall is one of them.  Jake "The Snake" Roberts is the other.  Both have long histories with substance abuse issues.  Actually both were quite successful as well, but they could have each accomplished so much more had they been able to get and stay clean.

As always, let's hope that Scott Hall can defeat his personal demons.  I have little reason to believe he will, but it certainly would be nice.  This is especially true for his loved ones.