Monday, April 30, 2012

Sad news for Sabu and Scott Hall

Bad news for two former stars of the ring:

I'm sure you already heard about this over the weekend, but two stars of the 90s, Sabu and Scott Hall, ran into some issues recently.

Let's start with Sabu.
A rep for the event tells TMZ, "Sabu was found unresponsive in his hotel room earlier today when event staff went to his room to pick him up for tonight's show. Management is currently awaiting results from his doctors to find out what actually happened."
TMZ: Sabu rushed to hospital

Now on to Scott Hall.
According to a lawsuit filed in Florida, Hall borrowed $75,000 to buy a house in Seminole County in June 2011. The lawsuit claims Hall missed his final balloon payment due last December and has flat out refused to pay it.
TMZ: Legal problems mounting for Scott Hall

As always, I wish nothing but the best for these guys.