Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Orton removed from Marine: Homefront

SAW recently covered the casting of Randy Orton as the lead in the third WWE Films' "Marine" movie.  As mentioned then, Orton received a dishonorable discharge from the USMC which made the casting a bit awkward.

It turns out that the USMC was not thrilled with the decision either.  They voiced their displeasure and Orton has been removed from the film. Cpl. Mike Vinn, USMC, had this to say about WWE's decision per TMZ.
TMZ spoke with Cpl. Mike Vinn ... who tells us, "On behalf of all the Marines from Aco 1/4 98-02, that were outraged to hear about Randy Orton portraying a Marine in the next movie "Marine: Homefront", I'd like to thank the WWE for pulling Orton from the role when they heard about his disloyal service to the United States Marine Corps."

Vinn adds, "It shows respect for not only the unit I had served in, but for every person that has ever defended this nation. Thank you WWE."
I think WWE is making the right decision here. There is no reason to use Orton in that role given his behavior in the USMC back in '99.

One thing that was odd about the TMZ article is this line:
TMZ broke the story ... WWE officials made the decision to pull Orton from the flick when they discovered the wrestler had received a bad conduct discharge from the Marines in 1999 after going AWOL on 2 separate occasions.
WWE did not "discover" his bad conduct discharge. WWE has known about that for years so far as I am aware it was even covered in his recent DVD set. WWE simply responded/reacted to the negative publicity the casting created with the United States Marine Corps.

A1 poster, Niall, brought this update to my attention in his "Randy Orton is gonna act" thread on A1.  

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