Sunday, April 22, 2012

Old PWI I found

I specifically recall Mom giving me this. I found it in my parents' attic when I was looking for some Transformers to show Bryant. I miss the days of browsing the wrestling mags at the local bookstore, I always flipped to the Top 10 lists first. Good times.


  1. I had dozens of these magazines fdrom the days before I knew what KAYFABE meant, or what heels and babyfaces were! I always looked forward to the year-end award issues the most. Look at that cover by the way! "Is the end near for Hulk Hogan?" ... If only we had been so lucky!!!

  2. Had I known how Hogan would behave in WCW I certainly would have hoped for his career to end in 88. I have more boxes of wrestling mags up there I believe, I can't wait to get them all down and take pics.