Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Marcus "Buff" Bagwell in a serious wreck

This was making the rounds on the IWC recently, but Buff Bagwell was apparently in a serious automobile accident.
Here is some information from the Wrestling Observer.

WO: Former WCW star Bagwell in serious auto accident
In a story that has been going around on social media all day, a number of people have posted get well wishes to Buff Bagwell. There is little info other than earlier today David Heath posted that Bagwell was in a serious auto accident. But we've heard no details as to the location, but a number of wrestlers have wished their best for a speedy recovery to him.
WO: Update on Buff Bagwell
According to sources, the accident is confirmed and happened last night, not earlier today. Bagwell's jeep reported flipped over eight or nine times, leaving him with a broken neck and reports are his jaw has been wired shut and will be that way for at least six months. Thanks to Karl Stern
SAW wishes Buff nothing but a full and speedy recovery.

Again, all information above is from the Wrestling Observer ( Also, it is worth noting that one of the WCMB posters in this thread on Wrestling Classics is stating that Buff may have suffered an SCI (spinal cord injury) that may result in permanent paralysis.

TMZ also posted this story.