Monday, April 9, 2012

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar Part 2

So after the excellent pull-apart brawl to open the show between John Cena and Brock Lesnar, we had Cena vs David Otunga as the main event on RAW.

John Cena won clean (as he should really) and went to celebrate as John Laurinaitis watched from the commentary booth, Brock stormed the ring, hit Cena with a low blow and gave him another F5.

It was incredible due to the way Brock looked like he was basically bullying John Cena.  I don't mean the attack, but the faces he made and how he carried himself.  Brock looks very comfortable in there for someone who hasn't been in the industry for eight years.  His promo during the show was solid as it relates to delivery and content.  My main gripe (it's a minor one) is that I had forgotten how Lesnar's voice sounded.  I think that, above all, is why he would benefit from a mouthpiece like Paul Heyman or John Laurinaitis.

Best part? The John Cena character is more interesting through his interaction with Brock Lesnar than he has been in a long time.  He's showing true vulnerability without some convoluted stacking of the odds that will be easily overcome.

The Cena/Lesnar segments delivered tonight, but this was an uneven episode of RAW.

I hope to touch on the other issues tomorrow in a brief RAW Review post.