Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jerry Lawler's commentary on RAW

Watching RAW this Monday led to me posting the following on Twitter:

Now I know much like fans clamoring for a head coach to be fired, you really need to have an idea who should replace them. I will not claim to know who should replace him, but Jerry "The King" Lawler needs to go. His act is beyond stale. To me, it is the dictionary definition of stale.

Every week it is the same crap:
  • Squealing for no real reason
  • Shoehorning dumb one-liners in at every opportunity
  • Drooling over the Divas
I am quite sure there are other traits of his commentary that I am forgetting, but the whole shtick is absolutely annoying.

The worst part? He adds absolutely nothing to the proceedings at this point.  I respect the legend that Lawler was in the ring.  I respect he's been a quality color commentator in the past.  I also respect the fact that RAW desperately needs a new voice in that color commentator chair.

Sorry King and fans of the King.  It's not personal, it's only business.