Monday, April 16, 2012

BSW: A Rowdy Panther and Stunt Granny

It looks like Barber Shop Window has regained its fastball.  Both of their current shirts are excellent.

Most of us think of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper wearing his "Hot Rod" shirt.  If you were a huge WCW mark, you may even think of his "I.C.O.N." shirt, but if you watch old footage of Hot Rod you will see what BSW refers to as "A Rowdy Panther."

Maybe you recall that horrible special, "Exposed! Pro Wrestling's Secrets." Actually, hopefully you don't, but if you do they introduced the nation to the concept of a "Stunt Granny."

stunt-granny by bugmee

BSW has now provided us with that shirt!

Like I said, BSW produces quality stuff. If I had the cash I would pick up a couple of these shirts. I don't, but I do enjoy seeing their offerings.

Upload Credit: bugmee