Monday, April 23, 2012

Booking SAW Part 4

A1 poster, Niall, asked for my thoughts on the following:
  • "Enhancement talent matches - underused?"
  • "When should a champion be pinned/made to submit?"
  • "Key elements of a heel champion"
I figured the Booking SAW series would be the perfect place to answer these questions.
  • Enhancement talent matches--I do think these could be utilized better in wrestling.  The issue is though we now have a whole generation of fans who are conditioned to see nothing but matches between competitive wrestlers.  I do not think you can go all the way back to the old school local enhancement talent, but you can flesh out a reasonably sized undercard that essentially serves that purpose.  They can even be competitive in their matches, but ultimately the stars would prove to be better.  I think that would be a good way to save some feuds from feeling stale so quickly when it seems you have guys getting physical too often.  It would also help make sure guys in feuds are built properly as you would be less likely to need either to do the J.O.B. on TV for another talent.
  • Champion pinned or submitted--I may need clarification on this one, but to me it's all about when the story calls for it.  For one thing, champions and top of the card guys should be fully able to absorb clean losses from time-to-time.  If you want to get a deadly submission move over then a babyface champion may need to submit to a heel's move.  Of course, if the feud is built in such a way that it makes sense for it to include or conclude with a submission match you may need to your champion to lose cleanly via submission.  One thing you have to do to make wrestling better is take away some of the stigma of a "clean loss."  If you build your characters properly then there should at least be a group of guys that can beat anyone (including each other) any day.  Do you want "nonsensical parity booking?"  Absolutely not, but no one should ever be "unbeatable."
  • Key elements of a heel champion--He can be a chickenbleep heel, but not all heel champions need to be one.  I despise Triple H, but the way he was booked as a heel champion that could beat big time faces cleanly makes perfect sense.  In my proposed Randy Orton/Sheamus feud, I would treat Orton the same way.  He works well as a sadistic, intelligent heel that should not always have to cower to the warrior face like Sheamus.  I think a heel champion should always be willing to cheat, but not always need to cheat.  In other words, Hollywood Hogan (who played himself as a chickenbleep heel) needs to cheat to beat Sting, but he can beat Stevie Ray from Harlem Heat cleanly.  Daniel Bryan cheats to defeat Sheamus, but does not need to do so against Zack Ryder.  Those are just two examples, but I hope this makes sense.
That's it for Part 4 of the Booking SAW series.  If you have more suggestions that you would like to see covered, please don't hesitate to let me know via comments, Facebook, or email at