Saturday, April 7, 2012

Barbarian vs Barbarian

SAW has been sorely lacking on old school content lately.  Now this is from the Monday Night Wars era and not "old school" per se, but I saw it on Wrestling Classics and thought it was an interesting match.

The reason this post is titled as such is that John Nord also worked as "Barbarian" or "Nord the Barbarian" at points in his career. If you have ever caught AWA on ESPN Classics, you have probably seen John Nord in one of a couple different gimmicks. One of them was "The Barbarian." Oddly enough, he even teamed with Bruiser Brody (known as King Kong Brody in the AWA) for a period of time. The reason that is interesting is that Nord's Barbarian appears to be heavily influenced by Brody's gimmick.

Sort of related, but I thought the Faces of Fear were one of the coolest tag teams in WCW during the Monday Night Wars. I really enjoyed the pairing of Meng and Barbarian. Also, no offense to John Nord who I enjoy as well, but when I think of "The Barbarian" it is Sione Vailahi that comes to mind and not Nord. If you are unaware, Nord arguably went on to his biggest fame as the WWE's Berzerker.

There is another Nord/Vailahi match in that WCMB thread, I highly recommend you check it out.

Upload Credit: movietime49