Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kevin Nash going gray again

Nash Tweeted the following:

For all the grief Nash got about his bad dye jobs in the past I had always heard that he preferred to let his hair go natural. The problem was that in order to get movie roles or appear on WWE TV he was told to dye it darker. Here's a full-size shot of his Twitter avatar.

I think it's a good look personally. I'm a big fan of people graying gracefully.  He didn't specifically mention it, but it appears he's got a "clipper cut" and has gotten rid of the long hair too.  I can personally attest to what a pain having long hair is so I cannot blame him at all for that either.

Also of note, he told a fan that "Scott is doing well" in response to a question about Scott Hall's well-being.

Photo Credit: @RealKevinNash