Sunday, March 4, 2012

Booking SAW Part 3

Here is the latest edition of Booking SAW.  As always recommendations for topics are welcome. 
  • Commentators--PBP guy is straight-laced like Solie or Lance Russell.  Color commentator can obviously be a heel, but they need to somehow justify their motives.  Mick Foley mentions this mentality and attributes it to Michael PS Hayes in "Foley is Good." summarizes Hayes' opinion like this.
  • Hayes also introduced one of the most fundamental concepts of being a heel, as per Mick Foley in his 2001 autobiography, Foley is Good. That being, a heel doesn’t have to be right, a heel just has to feel that he’s completely justified in his actions, no matter how twisted his reasoning is. This is good advice for any aspiring heels in wrestling.
    That is 100% accurate in my estimation.
  • Ring announcers--Big matches and the major title matches should use the entrance style where both mean enter (champion last of course) and then both get an in-ring introduction where the title can be displayed.
  • Celebrity involvement--few and far between, rarely if ever, made to look better than the talent.  I would really like to avoid it altogether, but if you can capture a Bam Bam Bigelow/Lawrence Taylor moment then I have no issue with it.  Also if you can have a celebrity involved without them actually getting in the ring that is even better.
  • Thrown-together tag teams--still enter together to one song or the other or maybe both songs play for a bit. For example I don't like separate entrances for Cena and Orton if they team.  Even if you're a team for a night only, I think you should consolidate entrances and look like a team.
  • Comedy acts--Used sparingly, rarely serious threats for a title.
That's it for Part 3 of Booking SAW.  If you have suggestions for future editions, let me have them at or via the comment section on this post.