Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WWE HOF 2012: Ron Simmons

Ron Simmons was revealed to be the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2012. As a longtime Simmons fan, I could not be happier for him. I always thought he had a great look from the first time I saw him in the powder blue trunks on the Saturday night show. Then came his time with Doom leading up to his WCW Title run.

His WCW Title win over Vader was a real markout moment for me. I know his WCW Title run was not terribly well-received, but it was still historic with Simmons becoming the first African-American world champion.

More on Ron Simmons from WWE can be found at his HOF page.

Here is some interesting discussions about Ron's induction from Twitter last night. Lance Storm discusses Ron's reputation as one of the strongest guys in the locker room.

The Wrestling Blog's TH pointed out the odd omission of Ron's time with the Nation of Domination. Actually, I don't think they addressed the name Faarooq at all.

Which then lead George of the A1 Podcast to point out that there was also no mention of his time in Doom. This is odd to me especially since Teddy Long was part of that pairing.

Finally, Good Ol' JR references what an honor it was for him to call Ron's shocking WCW Title victory over Big Van Vader.

Congratulations to Ron Simmons for his impending WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Upload Credit: WWE's YouTube channel