Sunday, February 26, 2012

Universal Championship Wrestling (UCW)

Saturday I was heading up to Norcross, GA for a birthday party. DOT NET had results for a UCW show the night before (2-25-2012) in Norcross as well.

Several familiar names were on the show:
  • Rock N Roll Express
  • Buff Bagwell
  • Luke Gallows (as the Big L.G.)
  • Scott Steiner
  • Reby Sky
  • Chris Hamrick
  • Lodi
  • Jonny Fairplay
  • Matt Hardy
  • Chase Stevens
  • Lance Hoyt
  • Mike Knox
UCW has a website at and decent slogan of "Tradition Rises from the Ashes."  I don't really know much else about this promotion other than "The Assassin" Jody Hamilton appears to be involved as he has a column on their site called "The ASSASSINS[sic] VIEW By Jody Hamilton."  SAW favorite Adrian Hawkins also appears to have been related to this promotion at some point.

Here is how Hamilton summarized his night:
After the show was over I had the opportunity to talk to a few of the fans and they were exhausted and hoarse from hollering but felt thoroughly entertained, and when fans leave a your arena in that frame of mind then you have delivered to them what they paid for, a quality wrestling event that featured top wrestlers in competitive matches, not the owner of the company featuring himself in the Main event as you find in so many independent promotions, that’s why UCW is head and shoulder above all other independents and as far as the quality of the product is concerned, UCW doesn’t have to take a back seat to TNA or WWE either.
I think I will give this a look.  I may even go to the next show just to see what it is all about.