Thursday, February 9, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Viking Hall/ECW Arena

Viking Hall in Philadelphia has been known for years as one of the great wrestling venues in history.  It's been called a modern day Sportatorium being for ECW what that was for WCCW in the 80's.  And much like that, it continued to run shows for other promotions long after their organizations died off. 

Recently, CZW and Evolve Wrestling held what is perhaps the last wrestling events at the arena as the new owner has decided to renovate the venue and turn it into a concert venue.  So while it is a a sad day there are years worth of great memories to look back on.  Which is why I'm posting this video.  It was made by Mike Burns at Smart Mark Video for a CZW show back in 2003.  They had just got the go ahead to run shows at the arena after XPW had lost their exclusive lease to run shows at the arena and it was done to mark the 10th anniversary of wrestling shows being run at the arena.  Unfortunately due to the WWE having rights to the ECW footage, the video was never reased commercially on DVD, but was posted online for all who were unable to attend to enjoy.

And while this was done before other groups like Chikara, Ring of Honor and others ran shows at the arena, it's still a great look back at the history of the arena and we can look back at it as wrestling fans and smile at the great wrestling we got from this once great venue.