Saturday, February 18, 2012

SuperBrawl VIII: Goldberg vs Brad Armstrong

SuperBrawl VIII was headlined by Sting/Hogan II for the vacant WCW Title.  That's not what I wanted to share today though.  I will say that a closer look at that whole period of WCW is worth talking about as the mess at Starrcade 97 really was the beginning of the end of that promotion. 

The real reason I wanted to talk about this event was the Goldberg/Armstrong match.  It is a common opinion, but Brad Armstrong really was an underutilized talent.  He's had a good look and could certainly wrestle.  It is a shame that he did not get more of an opportunity during the Monday Night Wars era.  He was given two opportunities then and they were as Buzzkill (meh) and a BA, part of the No-Limit Soldiers group (double meh).

One of the things I had forgotten about was Brad's "Armstrong Curse" phase.  I recall him wearing the shirt and that is about all I remember about it.  I also seem to recall hearing that some personal issues may have hurt Brad's career, but I am not positive about that.

Anyhow, enjoy watching Goldberg build his streak by destroying Brad Armstrong. 

I wonder what Brad Armstrong is up to these days. I am going to have to see if he is still active. If so, I wonder how he looks and if he can still "go."

Looking into the Armstrong Curse a bit more and Wikipedia's entry on Job (professional wrestling) had this:
Also, in World Championship Wrestling since 1994, the tendency of the Armstrongs (particularly Brad Armstrong) to lose matches was referred to as the "Armstrong curse". On average, however, Brad was more of a jobber to the stars, while his brothers were pure jobbers for the most part.