Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ron Simmons on being first African-American World Champion

DOT NET: Ron Simmons talks....
"I’ve read a lot of stories about Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali and people of this nature and how that must have felt to cross those racial barriers and to try to make it to even the playing field level not only for all African-Americans, but for all people. So I now get a feeling of how they felt and that feeling is only something you can go through to describe it. I know this, it feels great to be in that situation, to open doors not only for African-Americans but for anyone that is inspiring to succeed not only in professional wrestling, but for anything that you want to do. If you stick with it and are dedicated to it, it can happen and I am living proof of that."
This was from DOT NET's recap of an interview Ron Simmons did with Busted Open on Sirius XM. Kind of cool to hear Ron himself talking about his historic title victory. Like I said several times recently, he was always one of my favorites. It is really cool that out of all the great African-American wrestlers throughout the years that Bill Watts gave Simmons the opportunity to be the first world champion. I also liked that Simmons pointed out that his story should inspire us all to succeed at whatever it is we do.

He also talks Bill Watts, JBL and being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Solid interview recap, check it out.