Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FreebirdSTF's Number 2 All-Time: Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Number 2 on my list is none other than Jake "The Snake" Roberts. This started with my dad being a fan. The first time I saw Jake he was wearing the red karate pants and wearing the "DDT: Cruel but Fair" shirt. He had a great look, great nickname and the most devastating finisher in wrestling. What was not to like?

I may be in the minority, but I thought the tights Jake wore in WWE were an improvement over his previous look. Of course bringing the python, Damian, to the ring really upped the psychological warfare angle with Roberts.

One of my favorite Jake moments was when he debuted in WCW by jumping Sting.

Unfortunately, Jake's WCW presence never really lived up to its potential as he dealt with his ongoing substance abuse issues.

Now for some more Jake Roberts highlights. As corny as the whole setup was I loved the punchline to his betrayal of the Ultimate Warrior.

His promo following it about the rabbit and Mr. Snake is incredible too.

Lastly, I kicked myself for missing this show.  Had I known Jake was going to appear I would have been there.

Upload Credit: WrestlingJackal; Lucipher28; registerednick