Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Starrcade '83 Press Conference

I've been looking for this clip for a while.  I love absolutely everything about this.  This is the type of realism that I would like to incorporate in my wrestling promotion.  See the Booking SAW series for more information about the booking principles in which I believe.

Harley is such a great, serious promo. "Crockett you just arranged a match to eliminate Ric Flair from wrestling. You have put up the money to eliminate a kid from wrestling." Flair is excellent too, "To call it a tremendous moment is putting it very, very lightly. I never dreamed that Jim Crockett Promotions would be able to bring this match back into the Southeast..." Gordon Solie talking about it being a shame that Tampa didn't get the match and tying that to Super Bowl 84 as he referred to it is also brilliant in my opinion. The whole look and feel of the segment is spot-on.

Upload Credit: Stamatis57