Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SAW visits the A1 Podcast (Episode 65)

The A1 Podcast will likely be mentioned here more frequently now that Norko has joined South Atlanta Wrestling. This one is especially noteworthy for South Atlanta Wrestling as I joined the A1 Podcast Crew for only the second time.

Episode 65 is not currently up on the A1 Podcast page, but here is a direct link to it.

I had an absolute blast.  Topics included:
  • Monday's RAW
  • Royal Rumble preview
  • Sound-Off (each panel member chooses a topic to discuss)
  • The passing of Coach Joe Paterno
Some additional information related to Episode 65 is contained in the Run Sheet post on

Here's a video of the room I recorded the podcast in.  When I said I was looking at figures on my wall I was not exaggerating.  I will re-upload so the creaky chair and door aren't heard, but wanted to go ahead and get this "bonus content" up here.

Upload Credit: FreebirdSTF (South Atlanta Wrestling's YouTube page)
Photo Credit: