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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ranking the Horsemen

With the announcement that the 4 Horsemen would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, there has been quite a bit of discussion about the fact they are inducting the Barry Windham incarnation of the group.

Someone on WCMB took the opportunity to rank the Horsemen and I thought, "That's a good idea."  FWIW, I am not including managers or valets in this list.
  1. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair--The focal point of the group throughout its many incarnations. The man who carried "the 10 pounds of gold" or "the big gold belt." 
  2. "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson aka "Double A"--The bruiser/mat tactician who did a lot of the heavy lifting, always there as well with Ric.  The heart and soul of the group.
  3. Tully Blanchard--Another great technician who was flashy and fit the Horsemen image that Ric portrayed so well.
  4. Ole Anderson--The grizzled vet/foundation of the group.  Him and Arn did most of the dirty work and were the guys who could really get in there and mix it up with anyone. Tough as nails.
  5. "The Total Package" Lex Luger--Followed more in the Flair image, flashy, phenomenal athleted, cocky and smug.  An excellent replacement for Ole Anderson.
  6. Barry Windham--I remember an Apter mag running an article about how BW was the "one man heels could trust" or something like that. An excellent worker whose persona fit right in to the group.
  7. Brian Pillman--WCW Pillman who was developing the "Loose Cannon" persona had a good look and seemed to be a natural fit with Ric and Arn.
  8. Chris Benoit--A buzzsaw, tough and all about the business.  A great Horsemen who would be remembered fondly as such if it weren't for the horrific things he did.
  9. Curt Hennig--He was a throwback to the Horsemen of old.  I felt WCW could have better used him as a Horsemen than as a member of the nWo. Almost did not include him in the list.
  10. Jeff Jarrett--Aside from his dopey ring attire I liked the idea of "Double J" in the Horsmen.  That could have allowed Mongo to become more of a bodyguard type while Flair, Arn, Benoit and Jarrett handled the in-ring work. Almost didn't include him because you could argue he never actually was a member of the Horsemen.
  11. Dean Malenko--Size worked against him especially with Benoit there too. Persona was solid for the group though. Could have stood to be a bit "nastier" as Horsemen I think.
  12. Sid Vicious--Impressive looking obviously, but wasn't a great fit.
  13. Steve "Mongo" McMichael--I thought he carried the Horsemen look off just fine.  Probably should've been a bodyguard type for the group instead. His promos weren't great, but felt organic at least. In-ring? Awful. Nice touch though adding a Super Bowl champion to the group though.
  14. Paul Roma--They should've paid Tully to come on back in, failed drug test or no.  Decent look for the group though.
  15. Sting--I hesitated to "count" him either as he was kind of a Horsemen in name only and it was just a ploy by the Horsemen to keep him away from Flair's title.
I think that just about covers everyone.  Hennig would probably be hire on the list had they actually used him instead of it being an nWo swerve.  Benoit and Malenko may have placed higher had they not been so short or had they not both been in the group at the same time.  My opinion has changed on this over the years, but I think the definitive group will always be Flair, Tully and the Andersons.

Remember kids, "Diamonds are forever…and so are the Four Horsemen."