Saturday, January 28, 2012

FFA: Bear Bryant and Coca-Cola

Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant and Coca-Cola, two great things that go great together. This commercial is an absolute trip. It's not enough that Coach Bryant is sitting discussing the virtues of Coca-Cola. He actually wears their uniform.

You may or may not know that my son is named Bryant for two reasons: 1)I wanted him to have a good, strong name. 2) It was in honor of Coach Bryant.

Speaking of Coach Bryant, the Bryant Museum is a very interesting place to visit. I don't just mean for Alabama fans either. The amount of college football history in that place is incredible. Coach Bryant's office is setup there and their is a Heisman Trophy there from the only Heisman Trophy winning player he ever coached (Texas A&M RB, John David Crow in 1957). Some of the exhibits are changed yearly too so you don't get the same experience every time you go.

It really is incredible.

Roll Tide, Roll!


FreebirdSTF in his early Valentine's Day present

Upload Credit: Froggigem70