Thursday, January 26, 2012

Booking SAW Part 2

We covered many booking principles in the first edition of Booking SAW.  There are still more that I would like to cover though.
Let's go!
  • Authority figures--The days of Mr. McMahon are dead for now.  Any authority figure needs to be far more neutral in my opinion.  The early days of John Laurinaitis are not a bad way to handle it.  Any authority figure should be more along the lines of Jack Tunney than evil Vince McMahon.
  • Three-way matches--By and large, I enjoy the elimination style three-way matches more and think they should be the most prevalent form of three-way matches.  Champions dropping titles in a fluky manner by having someone else taking the fall is something that I am not a huge fan of at all.
  • Championships--These are of the utmost importance and enough reason to feud, no need for convoluted storylines to get individuals involved in a feud.  There are always nasty rivalries and feuds, but sometimes it's OK to wrestle simply because you want to move up the ladder
  • Entrance music--The idea that music gets played during run-ins irritates me to no end.  It comes across as illogical and staged. 
  • Women's wrestling--Not emphasized, a few women around as managers/valets.  No over-the-top T&A segments.  I would not have a women's title or a women's division.  This is really more of a personal preference than something that I think is "wrong" with wrestling for what it's worth.
That's it for Booking SAW Part 2.  If you have some suggestions that you would like to see discussed in this series, please do not hesitate to let me know.