Friday, January 13, 2012

A1 Podcast Year End Awards (Part 2)

Norko, SAW Contributor and A1 Podcast host has given some in-depth thoughts on the A1 Podcast Year End Awards for South Atlanta Wrestling.  His thought are below, exclusively for SAW.  This is Part 2 which was promised back when Part 1 was posted.  Also, I have embedded the videos in Part 1 for your viewing convenience.

Storyline of the Year- Bound for Glory Aftermath

While it did not produce the ending that TNA probably should've went with, what it has done
has brought Robert Roode, James Storm and AJ Styles to the forefront of TNA storylines.
And while it has not been the storyline that we all wanted, all have shown they deserve
to be in the spots they're in and performed as such since then, showing they're the
best things in the much improved TNA.

Swerve of the Year- Edge's Surprise Retirement

While not a swerve in the storyline sense, who all expected this to happen?  We knew he had
some injuries and had a bad neck, but this severe?

Feud of the Year- Rock vs John Cena

This one is on the strength of the promos upon Rock's return.  It definitely was
the strongest feud of the year, and the one that did indeed last the whole year.  In my opinion
it has to be one that's so heated that it does last the year if not more.

And there you have it, those are my Year-End Awards.  An addendum to my match of the year
candidate.  While I still have the Gargano/Cross/Prohibition 3-way match as the match
of the year, I submit to you one I just watched that I believe is outstanding and deserves to be
seen.  It's Chase Owens vs Jason Kincade from NWA Smoky Mountain 8/20/11.

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