Saturday, December 31, 2011

A1 Podcast Year End Awards (Part 1)

Norko, SAW Contributor and A1 Podcast host has given some in-depth thoughts on the A1 Podcast Year End Awards for South Atlanta Wrestling.  His thought are below, exclusively for SAW.  There will be more to come shortly.

For those that listen to the A1 Podcast over at know that our annual Year End show has been posted and unfortunately for those hoping for another epic rant, there was none to be given because Cam Newton didn't do anything as noteworthy as he did last year. But this year was filled with a lot of newsworthy things, and for the faithful readers of S.A.W. you'll get to read my detailed thoughts on them here, but you should still listen to the show because of the others picks for their best of the year and it's obviously another great show, not that I'm biased as anything....;-)

-Best Wrestler of the Year- Chase Owens (NWA Smoky Mountain) 

One of the things we did as a podcast this year wasdo more to show our audience that there is more to wrestling than just the WWE or TNA and there's more to independent wrestling than just ROH and Chikara. One of the ones we showcased and continue to follow is NWA Smoky Mountain, based out of the East Tennessee area. And the ace of that promotion is most definitely Chase Owens. This guy has that factor that AJ Styles had when he was coming up through NWA Wildside. When NWASM brought in Davey Richards, who did they choose to face him? Chase Owens. And when called to have a representative in the NWA World JR Heavyweight Tournament, who did they call upon? Chase Owens. And when Chikara wanted to bring in someone different to their shows from the area, they chose, you guessed it, Chase Owens. He does have some strides to make to improve, but he improved a lot as 2011 went by, and definitely improved his profile so much this past year. He's going to make some noise in 2012!

Here is his match with Davey Richards from August 4th

-Best Heel of the Year- Marion Fontaine (Pro Wrestling Ohio)

Another one that I thought outside the box for. Just simply looking at the guy, you knew he was a dick. Just a scrawny little guy, but just a mouthy little dick. I believe Zandrax said it on the podcast but he would be a great mouthpiece for someone if he were to go to a higher place, say the WWE. But he's also a great worker, knows how to play to his strengths and play to the crowd as that heel that you want to see get smacked around, but yet, week after week comes back for more with friends at times, like bringing in Brodie Lee for his Wrestlelution 4 match against Kevin Nash and Aaron Draven. For me, this dude came from literally nowhere, and he's definitely been tearing it up in the Ohio area.

Promo leading up to the match with Kevin Nash and Aaron Draven.

-Best Face of the Year- CM Punk (WWE) 

Though he spent half the year as a heel as the leader of the New Nexus,CM Punk's transformation into a face reminded many of the way Stone Cold Steve Austin turned face, and ironically it happened in the same city and same venue that it happened in, which is the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago, IL. Some could argue that the end of the Money in the Bank match withhim and John Cena could be the moment of the year and it was memorable, and it led to the meteoric rise of said Mr. Punk, which despite some of the booking, he continues to show that the people do want to like Punk and believe in the Punk.

-Match of the Year- Johnny Gargano vs Josh Prohibition vs "M-Dogg" Matt Cross (PWO Wrestlelution 4, August 7th) 

I had known about Cross and Prohibition going back to the Days of CZW's Cage of Death when they were on that show in 2002. I was impressed with both men being featured on the card. Going into the Wrestlution 4 match, it was told of the story of all three men, revealing that Prohibition had a big hand in the training of both men, and while he was away, he did not like how both Cross and Gargano had represented themselves in the business. Cross is coming off being elimnated from the WWE reality show Tough Enough with a point to prove and wanted to prove it by taking out Gargano, and Gargano, coming back from a previous injury, had come back to prove he is still worthy of being PWO Champion. Not only did this have a personal history, professionally, it was the story of the first three PWO Champions, the men who were in the main events of the first three Wrestlelutions. So for these three men, they lived up to the nickname of the match "Full Circle". With a lot of hype going into it, they had a lot to deliver and indeed they did, and I felt it was the best match of 2011.

The buildup to the match.

Josh Prohibition's fantastic promo leading up to the match.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Non-Title Matches

A1 poster, EDGECRUSHER said:
I think if Vince calls you into his office and tells you that he wants you to be a champion, your response should be to kick his desk and say "Fuck you! I'm better than that!".
Over on, we were discussing what I referred to as "idiotic" booking on Monday's RAW.  What was so idiotic about it?  My main gripe was how they treated their champions who were booked in non-title matches.  This complaint is not a new one by any stretch as the bizarre and counter-productive booking of champions in WWE goes back a fairly long way. It is beyond stupid to give a wrestler a belt then continue to job him at every turn.

As a huge fan of Jack Swagger, I was excited to see him win Money in the Bank. His aborted cash-in against John Cena made perfect sense as did defeating a helpless Chris Jericho for the strap.

Swagger got a few nice championship wins against a guy like John Morrison, but other than that he was an afterthought at best. I specifically remember despising the Undertaker non-title match where Taker pinned him clean for example.

There was a RAW back in October or November where multiple champions lost non-title matches. What good does that do anyone? The answer is absolutely no good at all.

The way champions are booked is one of my biggest gripes, it's right up there with faces "overcoming the odds" and handicap matches. Hopefully, WWE Creative can figure out better ways to treat their champs so that EDGECRUSHER's point is no longer valid. Right now, he is dead on point.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Kane's pyro makes Mark Henry flinch

"C'mon MAN!" That is too funny though. I guarantee that was the last time Mark Henry was scared of anything by the way. HALL OF PAIN!

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

For all you that celebrate the holiday out there, I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Below is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Third Day wrote this and is performing it live here. To me, this song stands up with any of the old standards. This song is found on their CD "Christmas Offerings" which is absolutely fantastic. After the jump, I have posted a studio version of the song that shows the lyrics. Powerful stuff.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

CM Punk's sister's text message

As much as I like Mark Henry, CM Punk is still clearly The Best. This was one of his finer moments on RAW this year.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Batista comments on Daniel Bryan's World Title win

LoP summarized some tweets from Batista's Twitter feed the other night (@DaveBautista).

Here's the Tweet that started it all.

As captured in the LoP link above, here is where he went from there.
man did that comment bring the tough guy haters out. well i'm at Gracie Fighter Tampa daily. 6333 s. dale mabry hwy Tampa FL. stop on by
So, apparently Big Dave is another in a long line of pro-wrestlers who do not really like when fans criticize them on Twitter. After that though, he tried to clarify some more.
so to clear up any misunderstanding about me hating on Daniel Bryan...actually i've been a supporter of his for years,unlike most of you Johnny come lately smart mark supporters. we actually had a hell of a match together that was originally supposed to be a squash match until this old broken down ex bodybuilder who never deserved to be champion and only had it handed to me because HHH was my boy...refused to job the kid out because i knew how good he was and wanted to have a f*cking match with him before i left the company. and a hell of a match we had considering where our respective places in the company were at the time. so yes im aware of all of his accomplishments and hard work through out the years and i'm thrilled to death for him....but still...World Heavyweight champ???ummmmmmm...ok. opinions are like *ssholes. my Twitter account,my opinion. and to all the bitch ass haters who just dogged me out and bitched about how horrible i was.....i've worked with HHH, the Undertaker,Rey Mysterio,Randy Orton Stone Cold,Edge,John Cena,Chris Benoit,Ric Fucking Flair!!etc.etc.. and they all respected me and my work. Eddie Guerrero respected my work. so don't expect your little bullsh*t remarks to actually carry any weight. in your b*tch ass faces!!
The interaction between pro-wrestlers and the Twitterverse never ceases to amaze me.

Photo Credit: @DaveBautista on Twitter

Booker T almost cracks up Michael Cole

It is subtle, but carefully watch Cole at the end of this clip. Now, I'm not going to claim that Booker T is a good commentator, but I do find him endlessly entertaining. His style is certainly...unique. I think we can all agree on that.

Upload Credit: Muffyio

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shaq wrestling at WrestleMania 28?

Allegedly, yes. Eric Gargiulo of  Camel Clutch Blog is reporting that the wheels are in motion for Shaquille to return to the WWE ring to take on Big Show. You may remember that Shaq and Show got into it when O'Neal was guest host on RAW.  Before that, Shaq appeared in WCW to support the Hulkster back in his red and yellow days.  Shaq's got good charisma and I would have no issue seeing him in the ring at WrestleMania.

Here's the physical confrontation between Shaq and Show on RAW.

Great picture from With Leather below as well.

Upload Credit: LeBronIsTheRealKing 
Photo Credit:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FCW's Eden Stiles leaving WWE

Online World of Wrestling had a thread about FCW's Eden Stiles leaving the company.  The most interesting thing about it was the following Tweet.

To that I say, "Good job Cody."  Go to @EdenStiles to check out a bikini picture and see what the fuss is all about.

Photo Credit: @EdenStiles

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Funny Ric Flair line

There's a billion of course, but this just struck me as funny. I think it is in large part the delivery.

Upload Credit: leighdegree

Monday, December 19, 2011

The IWC's new favorite picture (Punk and Bryan)

Follow CM Punk on Twitter for some candid/entertaining material as well. He should be a "must follow" for any wrestling fan.

Upload Credit: CM Punk's Twitter

10 Favorite Current Wrestlers again

One of the first posts in SAW history was my 10 Favorite Current Wrestlers (April 12, 2011).  For whatever reason, I feel now is the time to revisit that list.

It honestly has not changed that much.  I will post the original list from the entry linked above after the jump.  Just like the initial list this is in no particular order.
  • Randy Orton
  • Kofi Kingston
  • CM Punk
  • Mark Henry
  • The Miz
  • Jack Swagger
  • AJ Styles
  • Big Show
  • Cody Rhodes
  • Alberto Del Rio 
Big Show almost got moved to Honorable Mentions, but I don't really consider Rock, Booker T, Sting or Ric Flair to be active wrestlers.  

Mark Henry allegedly injured

Jason Powell from DOT NET had some even more discouraging news about the TLC PPV last night.
WWE star Mark Henry is nursing an injury that is said to have led to him dropping the World Hvt. Championship at Sunday's TLC pay-per-view
Obviously the most important aspect is that I hope Henry is back to 100% soon and has a speedy recovery.

As a fan of the "World's Strongest Man" this could even be positive news to a degree. If you feel that it was a mistake that they took the strap from Henry then this puts that decision in perspective to a degree.

On the other hand, there is also this nugget from Powell.
Powell's POV: The majority of the creative forces in the company wanted to give Henry an easier schedule for a few weeks to let the injury heal. However, Vince McMahon is said to have made the call to book the title change and was described as being less than sympathetic regarding Henry's injury.
If true I am a bit concerned about how Henry may be treated once back to 100%.

World Heavyweight Championship at TLC

As evidenced by my Twitter feed last night, I am not as thrilled about how the World Heavyweight Championship situation played out. If you have not seen or read results, take a look at Jason Powell's report on DOT NET.
Show came back and grabbed Henry's throat, but Henry shoved it aside. Show came back with a knockout punch. The punch dropped Henry. Show clutched his hand in pain. Show simply walked over and covered Henry for the three count to win the match and the World Hvt. Championship.

After the match, Henry attacked Show with a chair. Henry DDT'd Show on a chair. A small "Daniel Bryan" chant broke out. Sure enough, Bryan's music played and he ran to the ring while dragging referee Scott Armstrong with him.

8. Daniel Bryan pinned Big Show to win the World Hvt. Championship. Bryan simply covered Big Show. The referee made the three count. Show kicked out immediately after (and maybe even before) the three count. Bryan raced to ringside with the title belt and gloated in front of Cole. He looked into the camera and thanked everybody at home who has supported him. Show looked on in shock...
There's a couple of things I do not really care for here.

The primary one is having Mark Henry drop the strap at this point. Henry has been an excellent dominant heel and is the most interesting thing WWE has going right now in my opinion and that includes CM Punk. Secondly, I really liked the idea of Daniel Bryan being a legitimate "white hat" in this day and age. Him waiting to cash in at WrestleMania like he initially said he would really worked for me. I did not like it when he had the failed cash in on SmackDown and do not care for the actual cash in at TLC.  Jason Powell touches on another aspect of this that I tend to agree with as well.
Powell's POV: The internet may break, but I'm not a fan of that scenario. Show vs. Henry was way too short and the finish was awkward. I don't think the live crowd saw that as the finish. Hell, I know I didn't. As for Bryan, yes, it's cool that he is getting his moment as the World Hvt. Championship. However, I fear that this is more about the company not wanting him in that World Hvt. Championship match at WrestleMania than it is about them believing in Bryan.
All that being said, I will be very curious as to how Daniel Bryan is treated as WHC. If this whole scenario is leading to a heel turn for DB then some of my misgivings will go away. I still like the idea of a pure face more, but a heel Daniel Bryan can certainly work.

Basically I am disappointed in Henry dropping the strap, but I will have to give this time to see where this angle is going.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

WWE '12 Booking

 So with every WWE game I create a spreadsheet that keeps track of the teams I want to create, feuds, etc.  Typically this sheet goes no further than helping me build teams in the game.  With WWE 12 though I am now editing shows, brands, etc in WWE Universe Mode.

Here is how my two brands look right now:

Nitro is on Monday, RAW is on Friday and the Thursday show mixes the two rosters. Unfortunately, there's no way to make the Thursday show brand-specific. I typically simulate that show and don't even bother with it. Another minor annoyance is that the game insists upon certain feuds regardless of brand affiliation.

So far though I must say that WWE '12 has absolutely lived up to the hype.

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Friday!

Enjoy your weekend folks.  I'm starting a two-week vacation and will try to enjoy every minute of it with rest, relaxation and family.  Hopefully, there will be plenty of fresh content on SAW as well during that time.

Kind of an odd song choice for It's Friday!, but while Drew McIntyre seems to be going nowhere he still has a cool theme song.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bockwinkel discusses a Bobby Heenan prank

Saw this one on WCMB today and thought it was actually a fairly amusing rib.

On the subject of Bockwinkel himself, you should really check out this WCMB thread as well. I've come to enjoy Bock's work a lot but was not fortunate enough to see him hardly at all as a kid. When I went to the NWA Legends event here in Atlanta one of the coolest things was Nick Bockwinkel casually walking by us a couple of times. I did not even talk to the man, but just being there made me feel like I was in the presences of greatness.

Upload Credit: Stamatis57

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

RAW's Main Event: Henry vs Cena and a return...

I did not pay a whole lot of attention to RAW last night after the opening segment. I did settle in for the main event though as I was hoping to see Cena's get his wig split.

Cynically, I figured they would book some of the typical Super Cena nonsense that would hurt Mark Henry's credibility. Fortunately, I was wrong. I really dug how Henry cut off Cena's shoulder blocks twice near the end. Once he caught him with a bear hug. The second time was even more epic when Cena got dropped with a World's Strongest Slam.

They did the old thing where Henry couldn't go for the cover right away, but he was clearly an equal with Cena in the match. Before Cena could switch on Super Cena mode, we got our return and it was....

KANE with a revamped masked look. While not 100% liking the new ring gear, the mask and hair (has to be a wig one would think) really looked great. In an interesting twist Kane targeted Cena and not Henry. This is especially interesting since it was Henry who put Kane out for a bit.

I am certainly curious as to where this all goes. For pictures/videos of revamped Kane, head over to TH's TWB has a picture of Kane in his new mask as well.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Jim Ross is candid

Jim Ross is a good "wrestling talking head" to follow. He is entertaining and is not afraid to offer an opinion. That segment was horrible of course and equally as obvious is the fact that it's not really JR's fault.

Follow JR on Twitter at JRsBBQ.

GI Joe: Retaliation trailer

Keeping this on-topic since The Rock stars as Roadblock.  This looks like more of the same from the first movie and I am perfectly fine with that.  I won't spoil it, but the end of the trailer also reveals an awesome cameo.  I would like to get a better look at Cobra Commander, but the glimpse I saw seems to put him more in line with the source material than the first movie's mask.  That can only be a good thing as well.

Check it out below. 

Upload Credit: machinima

Sting video: I Need a Hero

This falls into the, "Well I liked it at the time" category of nostalgic wrestling moments.  Maybe I had a soft spot for the song since I associated it with the Joe Pedicino block of wrestling that aired here in Atlanta and across the country.  I don't know, but looking back it on it now, it's just...corny. 

That being said, I think it's easy to forget how hot that Sting/nWo angle was.  The mystery surrounding each episode/clue/action/inaction/appearance was just incredible.  It made every single episode of Nitro "must watch."

Upload Credit: LuckyLopez

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lita arrested

You would hope that once someone gets away from the Hardys they might be able to avoid arrest.  Alas, that was not the case with Amy "Lita" Dumas. Speeding is one thing, but it's certainly not bright for anyone to drive with a suspended/expired license.

Former WWE Diva Amy Dumas, who wrestled as Lita, was arrested on Friday in Augusta, Ga. and charged with speeding in excess of maximum limits and driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Here is her mugshot if you are interested.

Photo Credit:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

John Morrison's future plans

DOT NET posted an article about John Morrison's future plans
"I've come to a point in my career where I feel that taking time off now to heal and recharge is going to add years to my career down the line," Morrison said.
It included the following video from Morrison himself.

I tend to agree with Powell when he says the following:
He's a talented in-ring performer who just hasn't made that main event connection with viewers, and better verbal skills could be the key.
Although I know many are not all that crazy about Morrison's style of offense as it often looks weak and not credible. I tend to agree with that, but there is a place for his flashy style of offense in pro-wrestling as well.


Bobby Heenan's Infamous F-Bomb

My understanding of this is that Bobby had some neck issues and that's one reason he was doing commentary at this point in his career.  Brian Pillman gets out of the ring, starts messing with Bobby without The Brain having any idea he would do that and Heenan let loose one of the words that you just cannot say on television.

Upload Credit: Neiler187

FFA: Go Army, Beat Navy!

My uncle is a West Point graduate and my grandfather retired from the US Army as a Sergeant Major.  For those reasons I pull for Army in the annual Army/Navy game.  This is the only rivalry that I might put ahead of the Iron Bowl.  This game means just about everything to both teams.  The men involved obviously have much bigger callings than football as well.  It's such a unique environment around that game as well.

I love Army and Navy's classic uniform looks, but this year they are going to look a bit different.  Both will be outfitted in Nike Pro Combat looks.  I think Nike hit a home run with these looks.

Here's Army's Pro Combat look. I really dig the numbering as well as the desert boot look. As always, the gloves look cool as well.

As for Navy, the helmets are the highlight for me. I also like their gloves as well.

Upload Credit: Nike Football

Friday, December 9, 2011

FFA: It's Friday!

As further tribute to John Lennon, I'm going off-topic with the "It's Friday!" entry this week.  For weeks I've had this song stuck in my head.

Looking forward to the Army/Navy game this weekend. That's the only rivalry in football that I think might be better than the Iron Bowl. Go Army, Beat Navy!

The Nike unis for this year's game look nice too. I really dig the "West Point" on the nameplate.

Upload Credit: John_Lennon

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Anniversary of John Lennon's death

John Lennon was murdered 31 years ago today.  On the way home I heard the following song.

I was only two when John was shot outside the Dakota so I obviously don't remember how it felt to lose him. I will say that when I watch documentaries/specials/etc related to his death, I cannot help but to feel a certain sadness. To see a man so talented have his life cut short in such a senseless fit of violence is obviously a shame.

Rest in peace John.

Check out TH's  The Wrestling Blog entry on the death of John Lennon as well.

Upload Credit: John_Lennon

WWE Talk Show?

DOT NET is reporting that WWE is looking at doing a daily talk show that would air on WWE Network and possibly simulcast on radio.  Here's a snippet of what DOT NET posted:
WWE officials are said to be exploring the possibility of doing a daily talk show that would air on the WWE Network and would also be simulcast as a radio show. The name floating around as the host of the rumored show is Scott Stanford, and the current idea is to make it a completely kayfabe show.
I'm sure it's the kid in me that loved the Jim Ross show here on Atlanta radio, but a kayfabed WWE show actually sounds interesting to me. Of course I would prefer to listen to a non-kayfabe wrestling show, but this could still be entertaining. It would take a special individual to be able to talk about WWE storylines the same way radio hosts talk sports though. It has to be difficult to talk about motivations/decisions/etc of a scripted program as if it were real.

While we are at it check out the A1 Podcast with SAW contributor, Norko if you would like some non-kayfabe wrestling discussion. Also TH's The Wrestling Podcast is another excellent example of wrestling analysis.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mark Henry figure news

Caught this on They posted a transcript of a Q&A that Mattel did about their WWE line.
Post by nydream989 on Nov 30, 2011, 4:56pm

It is awesome that you guys will anwser our questions. Thanks alot. Will yo guys be doing an updated Elite figure of Mark Henry with a title belt and possibly an updated scan. Alot of people would like an angrier facial expression for his heel run as champion.

We are working on an angrier Mark Henry
This is phenomenal news for this Mark Henry fan. I passed on his first Elite offering and now I may be glad that I did. An angrier Mark Henry figure will be the perfect accessory to my office. I hope he comes with the World Heavyweight Championship belt and his cool Hall of Pain/All Will Suffer shirt too.

WCMB: Favorite Wrestling Photos

The guys at Wrestling Classics have a really interesting thread going over there.  Actually, there are tons of interesting thread on Wrestling Classics.  The one in question is "Favorite Wrestling Photos."

Some of it is garbage because there is no accounting for taste, but one recent photo caught my eye.

"Should He Be Good or Bad---That Is The Question"

We all know how the future Ole Anderson chose, don't we?

Monday, December 5, 2011

New RAW Viral Video: lookwithin2012

Just teased on RAW:

Upload Credit: LookWithin2012

Damien Sandow in FCW

LoP had a post about Triple H being high on FCW 15 Champion, Damien Sandow.
Damien Sandow, who currently reigns as FCW 15 Champion, competed on this weekend's SmackDown live event tour in matches against Tyson Kidd. Triple H is reportedly high on Sandow, who was signed last year after competing in Puerto Rico.
Sandow previously wrestled as Aaron Stevens and was trained by Killer Kowalski (as was Triple H).  His official FCW bio is interesting as well.
Damien Sandow is an American citizen who believes that the recent economic, political, and social unrest that this country has been experiencing is the fault of the American people themselves. He operates on the platform that Americans have become self -centered, morally indifferent, and numb to their own plight. He aims to instruct Americans how to fix these problems, via his words and actions in the ring and out.

He is of the belief that our founding fathers did not intend for Americans to be as they are now: selfish, irresponsible, not accepting blame for their problems. His goal is to ignite the second great revolution in this country. It will not be a revolution on the battlefield, but of the way Americans as a whole think and act. Damien Sandow will ride the Revolution to the very pinnacle of FCW and WWE.
Lastly, Sandow doesn't have a bad look at all.

I think I'll have to check out some of his work on YouTube.

Photo Credit: FCW Wrestling

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hulk Hogan and the 92 Royal Rumble

In the Loudest Pop you ever heard thread over on WCMB, Madison Carter from TX posted the video below. That is so blatant that it's awesome.

Upload Credit: jordomac24

Friday, December 2, 2011

Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan on Smackdown

I hope you took the opportunity to watch Smackdown one of the two times it was broadcast this week.  There was a ton of silliness, but the main event absolutely delivered.

Mark Henry, selling a leg injury, put one heck of a fun cage match with IWC darling, Daniel Bryan.  There were some cool spots with Bryan trying to escape the cage.  There were some nice spots with Henry catching Bryan with devastating power moves.  Most importantly, there was a ton of suspense.  Several times during the match I actually thought that Bryan might pull out the victory.  Some of the escape spots were really well done and most importantly felt organic.

The finish?  It was incredible and Mark Henry deserves a ton of credit for that.  Do what you have to do to check this match out.

Full episode should be uploaded soon so you can check out the rest of the match.

Upload Credit: WWE's YouTube

It's Friday!

Since Alice Cooper appeared in Jake "The Snake" Roberts' corner at WrestleMania III, I'm declaring this an on-topic "It's Friday!" post.  Jake is one of my all-time favorites.  Alice Cooper is terribly underrated in my opinion as well.

Enjoy your weekend!

Upload Credit: EnragedBannana

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Randy Savage/CM Punk Two-Pack

This, my friends, is a must-buy.  I wish the belts that came with the Basic figures weren't so crappy looking, but this is still a really cool two-pack right here.  You get the late, great, "Macho Man" Randy Savage with the "Best in the World" CM Punk who is wearing his Savage tribute tights. 

Also, the Legends vs Superstars concept for these Battle Packs is an interesting idea.  I'll be interested to see what other pairs they come up with down the road. 

Photo Credit: Ringside Collectibles and