Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff

Ran across this article in the Charlotte Pro Wrestling Examiner by Jerry Wiseman. 

If you haven't heard, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, WWE HOFer and member of the SAW roster is battling skin cancer.  Apparently, while typically very treatable, this skin cancer has attached to an artery and has made certain treatments impossible and all treatments extremely painful.

The man himself said, “this is the most painful thing I have ever been through in my life.”

This, quite literally, hits close to home for me.  Paul Orndorff lives in my hometown.  That man even used to own the local bowling alley.  Once, while at a birthday party there, "Mr. Wonderful" walked by our group, threw up his hand and said, "How're you doing?"  It was the coolest for a kid my age.

I sure hope that Paul can whip this terrible disease.  He was always entertaining and has certainly left a lot behind in that ring as it relates to his health.

After the jump is footage of his most famous/infamous moment....

FFA: mark ingram.

Didn't really want to talk about this one, but I suppose I should.  Mark Ingram of the Alabama Crimson Tide also went in the first round of the NFL Draft the other day (along with Marcell Dareus, Julio Jones and James Carpenter).  While I'm obviously excited for all of these guys, this one hurts a bit.  Why?  He was drafted by the Saints, that's why.

Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures via

LayCool Match at WWE Extreme Rules

I swung by TH's The Wrestling Blog like I often do (seriously, great blog, give it a read) and I see this story.  Didn't think much of it because while I like the LayCool act I a) don't care about the Divas and b) really like the Lay more than the Cool.

All that being said, I caught something that I might not have otherwise.  After the match when McCool cuts her promo challenging Layla to a special stipulation at WWE Extreme Rules they camera cuts away before she gets the "WWE" out in "Loser Leaves WWE match."

Why does this matter?  It matters because if you knew that it was supposed to be a "Loser Leaves SmackDown match" initially, it's blatantly obvious they added dubbed in "WWE" over "SmackDown" in post-production.

Anyhow, I thought it was funny.  Probably because it reminded me of this:

Photo Credit:, Video Upload Credit: WfigsRoss

Friday, April 29, 2011

WCW Nitro at Club La Vela

I tell you what I miss, those Nitros at Club La Vela.  You don't recall what I'm talking about?  Those were the Nitros that had the ring out over the pool.  A ring over the pool?  Did they ever throw people in?  Oh, they did.

Check this clip after the jump featuring Scott Hall, The Giant (The Big Show) and Spring Break '98 Cannonball Champion, Kevin Nash.

It's Friday!

Upload Credit: WrestlinThemes

Thursday, April 28, 2011


That. Just. Happened.

Julio Jones of the Alabama Crimson Tide is the newest Atlanta Falcon. Gave up a ton, but this guy is a playmaker.

Photo Credit:

Top 10 Horror Stories from WWE Creative

This is a must-read for any wrestling fan.  Thanks to TH's The Wrestling Blog for bringing it to my attention.  Full credit goes to Cageside Seats who has been doing work lately, folks.

Here's my favorite:

Number 7: "Am I F***ing Going Over?!"

One traumatized writer gave Powerslam writer Matthew Randazzo the following account of one of his earlier meetings with Triple H a few years ago:
“I remember being nervous the first time I delivered the script to the McMahon dressing room where HHH would dress (he would never use the locker rooms with the rest of the boys). When HHH answered I told him the RAW script was ready for his review. On the first occasion, he grabbed the script, flipped through it but did not read it, and asked me point-blank: ‘Am I f***ing going over?’ This first time that I delivered the script to him, he did indeed win his match, so I said yes. Then he politely gave the script back to me without reading it and said, ‘That’s all I needed to know,’ and walked back into the McMahon locker room. A few months later when Gewirtz had another weekend off, I delivered another RAW script to him on a PPV Sunday. And it was the same routine. He nonchalantly flipped through it and said, ‘Am I f***ing going over?’ This time, however, he was to lose his match via disqualification. He would keep his title. I said to him, ‘Well, sort of.’ Then Hunter froze. He said, ‘What do you f***ing mean, sort of?’ I said, ‘You lose the match via DQ, so you still keep the title.’, ‘What page?’ he growled. After I told Hunter the page number this occurred on, he ripped that page out, threw the rest of the script to the floor in a rage, and slammed the door in my face. Needless to say, the next day during the agents’ meeting, the script had somehow changed and now HHH won his match – cleanly. This was hardly an isolated incident.”

Triple H: Such a company guy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

AWA on ESPN Classic

Wrestling fans,

If you have ESPN Classic and are not watching the AWA program, there's something wrong with you.  It is incredible.  Early in my time watching it I saw the Midnight Rockers in one of their first matches.  It was great seeing a young Marty Jannetty and "Sean" Michaels perform.  On the other end of the spectrum I've been able to witness Harley Race and Wahoo McDaniel at the end of their careers.

The quality is all over the place.  You get crap like the Team Challenge Series in the promotion's dying days.  OTOH you get Bruiser Brody making an appearance or Leon White (a young Vader) taking on Stan "The Lariat" Hansen for the AWA strap.  

Besides all that, it's a really cool "wrestling time capsule."  For a guy like me it's lots of fun.

Check it out, you won't be sorry especially if you're a Soldat Ustinov fan.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CM Punk: Contract expiring, leaving WWE?

You may know that I think CM Punk is The Best, but it seems that maybe he's not long for WWE at this point.

CM Punk leaving WWE?  Allegedly it may happen.  I caught this article about it today.  Crediting Mike Johnson of, they claim that Punk has "balked at the long term deal the company has offered."

If true, this would be quite the blow for WWE.  Why exactly is Punk looking to leave?  There have been a few things floated out there:
  • Burned out from the "hectic" WWE lifestyle
  • Dissatisfied with his push and/or treatment in the company
Both of these things sound completely believable to me.  For one, I have no idea how these guys do it night in and night out like they do.  As for number two, Punk generates a ton of heat, but seems to be an afterthought in some regards.  Specifically, there is some speculation that he may not appreciate the pushes that ADR and Miz get while he does fantastic work as a heel and is "just there."

I completely believe that Punk is ready for a change.  If he does leave at the end of his contract I hope he quickly recharges his batteries and comes back to WWE.  This guy is far too talented not to be doing his thing at the highest level.

Great Ric Flair and Double A promo

The following promo was one of my favorite of all time.  Searched for this on the 'net for years, but couldn't find it.  Finally did and here it is.


Upload Credit: timmy8271b


This picture made my day.
Road Warrior Animal with some young fans.

WWE RAW Review 4-25-2011

Here's some thoughts on last night's RAW.

Secondary Champs (IC/US) lose:  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  If you're going to job those guys then you either don't strap them or you ditch the titles altogether.  I'll never understand this.

Cold Open Battle Royal:  It's the typical deal where each group of wrestlers wears their show's shirt.  There were a couple of cool spots, a couple of awkward spots and Kofi and Big Show won for SmackDown.

R-Truth/John Morrison:  I would have saved Morrison getting his payback for later.  R-Truth tooling on the crowd was great.  Really enjoyable promo from Truth.

Kharma vignette:  Another excellent vignette for the former Awesome/Amazing Kong.  As an aside, this new (old?) model of running vignettes to introduce a new character is a great idea.  WWE's production team, as always, did a solid job.

Cole/JR/Lawler/Swagger:  This needs to die.  They had a great thing going into WM 27 and it should have ended there.  It didn't and now we get more of this stupidity every week.  Cole is getting legit "go away heat" from *this guy* at this point.  I'll give the character a chance once he transitions to something else.  I do think he needs to be a full-time manager and out of the booth now.

Punk/Orton:  The verbal exchange you'd expect from these too.  Nothing as good as, "You want to put me in a rehab center, I'm going to put you in the ground," but fun nonetheless.

Now, on to the main thing, the WWE Draft 2011 (listed in no particular order)*:
  • Cena to SD
  • Rey to RAW
  • Orton to SD
  • Sin Cara to SD
  • Mark Henry to SD
  • Big Show to RAW
  • Alberto del Rio to RAW
  • Cena back to RAW
*Not sure why the order should matter fwiw.

We got a Mark Henry heel turn which was sorely needed, but then they immediately screw that up with having Cena standing tall after getting punked by his partner.  They compounded the stupidity by having Cena drafted back to RAW.  I see no logical reason that wrestlers should be drafted twice in one night.  It's idiotic.  I don't care what show Cena's on (although I wish it was one I didn't watch, does Chikara have a show?**), but drafting him twice in one night is ridiculous. 

I do hope that in WWE Draft 2012, they just draft the same guy back and forth between brands until the night is over.  That would be kind of amusing. 

As for the rest of it, ADR and Orton swapping shows is a good idea.  The IWC has been calling for Cara on SD since he started botching moves (his first match).  Rey to RAW is kind of odd to me as they tried that unsuccessfully before.  I'm a huge Big Show fan, but he doesn't exactly move the meter.  We'll see how the rest of the Draft goes on later today. 

Anyhow, I thought this was a disappointing RAW.

**Just trolling The Wrestling Blog's TH.



Monday, April 25, 2011

"Fabulous Freebird" Buddy "Jack" Roberts

Buddy Roberts recalls the wild times as a Freebird and a Hollywood Blond

Stumbled upon this fantastic article Greg Oliver posted on Canoe's SLAM! Wrestling in July 2010.  I'm a lifelong Freebirds fan as you may have guessed, but Buddy Roberts was known for three things to me:
  1. Being the least awesome of the "original three" Freebirds
  2. "I'm Buddy "Jack" Roberts and you're not."
  3. Dad saying, "I never understood why they stuck that guy in there with them."
That was about it.  Reading this article made me appreciate Buddy Roberts and the career he had so much more though.  I highly recommend you take a minute to look at the life and times of Buddy Roberts.  There are a couple of things that have happened since this article was written.  One, Sir Oliver Humperdink has recently passed away.  Two, WrestleMania 27 came and went without the Fabulous Freebirds being inducted into the WWE HOF.  I can't think of a more perfect place for them to induct the trio* than Atlanta, but WWE chose not to go that way.

Anyway, it's a good read.  Check it out.

*Could be four guys, Jimmy "Jam" Garvin deserves a look as well.

RAW: WWE Draft 2011

It's that time of year again.  Actually, it's a bit early, but Edge's injury allegedly moved the annual WWE Draft up a bit.

Anyhow, the Draft is tonight and typically these shows are a good bit of fun.  Here are some things to keep in mind.  First, the Draft isn't really a draft at all anymore.  It's more of a lottery selection.  Recently they started having matches to determine who gets each pick.  I'm not a huge fan of the format as I really think the more traditional draft style was a lot more entertaining and logical.  One good part of this format is that typically these shows are somewhat wrestling heavy.  Lastly, the changes do not take place until after Extreme Rules.

We'll see how it goes, but I know it's going to be a fun ride.  

Sunday, April 24, 2011

FFA: Happy Easter

If you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful Easter. 

We will have a day full of church, family, food and even an Easter egg hunt.



Saturday, April 23, 2011

WWE and "Worker Misclassification"

Noticed this headline on the website today.

WWE News: Senator that defeated Linda McMahon says he is working on "worker misclassification"

This could be a big problem for the wrestling industry.  They've gotten by for years by arguing their workers were "independent contractors."  I'll be very interested to see if this type of legislation gains any traction.

Sort of related, if you want to see an example of a wrestling promotion clearly taking advantage of its talent, check out this post on The Wrestling Blog.  Shameful....

FFA: Antoine Dodson

Famous for the "Bed Intruder" song, Antoine Dodson arrested for possession of pot.  Take a look at this blog posting and marvel at his mugshot.  I can't stop laughing at it.

A1 Cup 2011 Champion

It started with 256 men and ended with a single champion.  That champion? "Handsome" Harley Race.

A deserving champion, he defeated the man he managed in WCW for the A1 Cup crown, Big Van Vader.

See the official announcement, with boss picture of Harley, at



2011 TWB Draft Analysis....

TH has posted his 2011 TWB Draft Recap, Analysis and Other Stuff over at The Wrestling Blog.

After reading his comments it got me thinking about some things I wish I had done differently.  Here they are:

  • The Rock vs Hogan: I despise Hulk Hogan, but when I saw him sitting there at 8 or 9. I snapped him up.  I wanted the biggest babyface/anchor for SAW that was available.  That was my plan.  Did I screw up though? I love the Rock, he's just as over as Hogan, he became an even bigger star than Hogan outside of wrestling.  I could have stayed away from a guy I can't stand (Hogan) and brought over one of my favorites.  Not only is Rock one of my favorites, he's arguably the GOAT.  I will say, that the fact I have Andre and Hogan on the same roster makes me feel pretty good about my decision.  I still feel a bit...dirty for passing on The Great One.
  • Randy Orton: I'm high on Orton. I think he's a franchise player. His face run has been a bit underwhelming.  In his defense though, I believe his problem is similar to Cena's.  What I mean by that is it's the way WWE Creative chooses to push these guys that is the issue, not their talents.  Why does this pick bother me?  Well it's simple, Kurt Angle went at 28, Triple H at 29 and most importantly STING went at 30.  I should've gone Sting here is what I'm saying.
  • Jack Swagger: I took Sheamus and I have no issue with that pick.  Actually, I have some issue with that pick as I completely blanked on Jack Swagger.  I could have gotten him with an UFA and completely forgot about this guy.  Swagger is a potential franchise player and one of my favorites.  I dropped the ball and whiffed on him.  This one really annoys me.  TH picked him up as an UFA and I think he got tremendous value there.
  • Fabulous Freebirds: How am I disappointed with picking the Freebirds? I'm not, but here's where I screwed up.  Did you see my post with my UFAs?  Did you see two names that weren't there?  Yep, Jimmy "Jam" Garvin and Buddy Jack Roberts.  I could have all four Freebirds on SAW's roster, but neglecting to pick them up.  That's a bad job by me.  Bad, bad job by me.
Anyhow, I'm pleased with my roster, but those minor issues irritate me.  Let me know what you think.  Also, swing by TH's The Wrestling Blog and vote for who has the best roster.



SAW's 2011 TWB Draft UFAs

After I drafted a phenomenal roster, I got the opportunity to pick 10 more undrafted free agents (UFAs). 

Here they are with brief explanations:
  • Ron Simmons: A personal favorite and the first African-American World Champ.
  •  Sid Vicious: Since I had Andre, I shied away from true monsters. Sid was a value pick.
  • Al Snow: Another versatile, personal favorite. Crazy Al talking to Head? Brilliant.
  • Bad News Brown: Rough and tumble, bad ass. Fits my fed perfectly.
  • Ole Anderson: Tough old bastard, original Horsemen. Tag team specialist.
  • Kofi Kingston: Wanted at least one more high flyer to spar with AJ. Unconventional offense.
  • Andy Kaufman: An instigator to go with Jeff G. Bailey, genius.
  • One Man Gang: Monster for Jake's Pitt or bodyguard type for Bailey.
  • Ivan Koloff: That gives me the Russians for my tag division.
  • Warlord: Already have Faces of Fear. This gives me the Powers of Pain as well. 
I do have some misgivings here which I will post later, but I am thrilled with my roster overall.  I don't do fantasy booking, but I do intend to at least give you some idea of stables, feuds and heel/face alignment for the SAW fed in the future.



Friday, April 22, 2011

2011 TWB Draft -- South Atlanta Wrestling (SAW) Roster

Here's the SAW roster. This was my thought process on each member of my roster.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts--Wanted a versatile talent at number one. I see Jake as a guy the fans want to root for, but in SAW he'd mostly be the maniacal leader of a demented stable known as "The Pitt." That stable will be rounded out later.

Hulk Hogan--Needed a superstar babyface. Hogan was still there at the ninth pick so it was a no-brainer.

Andre the Giant--Another easy pick. You've got The 8th Wonder of the World and the main event at WrestleMania III staring you in the face? You take it. Andre would be my "attraction."

Randy Orton--Ruthless, cold calculating. I could see some fun interplay with Orton and Jake.

Fabulous Freebirds (Hayes and Gordy)--You've got a promotion called South Atlanta Wrestling and you don't try to get the Freebirds? Insanity. I now realize I missed an opportunity in the UFA to get Buddy Jack Roberts and Jimmy "Jam" Garvin. Dang...

Stan Hansen/Bruiser Brody--Big fan of both of these guys. You need some rough and tumble dudes who don't give a crap. That's what I got in Brody and Hansen.

Magnum TA--Tons of charisma, could talk and could work. Would be a legend had he not been injured. He would jockey for position as number one face with Hogan. They'd be allies on and off as well and both have great disdain for Mr. Roberts (when he's a heel).

It's Friday!

Let's go get it! You can't listen to this and not FEEL GOOD! Now why isn't this listed as an FFA? The first time I heard this was a hype video for Bruiser Brody. They played it on Joe Pedicino's old syndicated wrestling block after Brody was killed.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The 2011 TWB All-Time Draft

It's almost here.  The 2011 TWB All-Time Draft starts at 8:00 PM tonight.  I will be representing SAW over there.  Come and watch me do work, folks.

Start time's been bumped to 8:30 PM.

We are running a bit behind...

Looks like it's fixing to take off.

Lots of fun so far...

Still going strong!

Just wrapped it up and I'll post SAW's roster with analysis tomorrow hopefully.

Then again, roster w/o analysis after the jump.  Analysis coming tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WrestleMania 27

Here's what I posted on the night of WrestleMania 27.  I was at the show so these were some quick thoughts before bed.

Different perspective as I was there, but I thought it was a really great event. Now, again, I mean the whole experience so if I was sitting at home I might very well feel different about it.

A couple of quick notes:

Lawler/Cole was just like Hart/VKM. Cole was on offense for far too long. Swagger was entertaining and Austin was fun, but I can see why people would be turned off by him dominating that match.

The Rock was incredible.

I agree with whoever said that the Cena/Miz match was the crowd didn't have anyone to cheer for.

I was shocked that Edge retained. I like Edge, but I really wanted to see ADR walk out the champ. Funny thing was these Mexican gents near us had a professionally printed banner with a pic of the WM logo and ADR with the WHC. They left it at the end of the show. I would have gotten it, but some kid appeared to want it as he was folding it up by the time I noticed it.

Sheamus/Bryan was disappointing. Just to be clear, they started the US title match as a pre-WM match with a lumberjack stip. Then the lumberjacks got too involved so Teddy Long made it a non-title battle royal. Mark Henry getting eliminated was not greeted warmly by the crowd. Kahli got a nice reaction.

The crowd crapped on Snooki, but when she did her couple of cheerleader moves the crowd warmed up to her.

Triple H/UT was incredible and I hate both guys. Great drama and facials by Trips.

More later. It's time for bed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 TWB Draft

I'm proud to say I've accepted a spot in the 2011 TWB Draft.  It's taking place on Thursday at 8:00 PM at TH's The Wrestling Blog.

I'm drafting as "Dave McKinney" as you might have guessed so come over there and watch me do work, folks.

"The Baseball Bat Incident"

Here's an example of why I'm a wrestling fan.  This is one of my favorite segments in all the wrestling I've seen.

To set the stage, Magnum TA was an up-and-coming star who was put out of the business due to a nasty car accident.  He lost the use of his arm so he carried an "equalizer."  His old nemesis, Tully Blanchard of 4 Horsemen fame, took issue with this.  After the jump is video of this epic wrestling moment....

FFA: The Atlanta Hawks

It looks like the Orlando Magic are going to even this series at 1-1.  I must say that this Hawks team might actually make a run at this series.  I fully expected them to get run by the Magic in the postseason, but now I'm not so sure about that.  I hope the Highlight Factory is rocking when this series returns to ATL on Friday night.

WWE Raw Review 4-18-2011

I didn't have high hopes for RAW last night.  I'm glad that was the case or else I'd be very disappointed.  Honestly, everything fell pretty flat for me.

Here's a rundown of notable things from last night's RAW:
  • R-Truth/Morrison: I thought they did a good job giving Truth motivation to put his spot on the line last night.  The post-match thing was brutal, but went on too long.  Truth smoking on camera?  Simply bizarre.  Maybe Morrison's not in the dog house after all.
  • Cole and Swagger/King and JR: This needs to die already.  This entire feud needed to be paid off at WrestleMania and yet here we are.  If Swagger gets a solid run out of this, I'll be happy.  I am growing tired of this angle though.
  • Cena and Sin Cara/Miz and A-Ry: Cool to see Sin Cara rubbing shoulders with Cena.  I loved the Miz bailing on A-Ry as usual.
  • Orton/Punk: It's a good think Punk doesn't need to win because he certainly doesn't a whole lot.  Don't know why WWE insists on booking Cena and Orton this way, but I'm really tired of it.
All-in-all, this was a big letdown.  The only excitement for me is that the WWE Draft is back next week.  Hopefully that will shake things up in a positive way in this WrestleMania Hangover period.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A1 Cup 2011

The A1 Cup for 2011 is about to wrap up.  If you don't know what the A1 Cup is, let me explain.  It's a kayfabe tournament where 256 wrestlers face off to crown the A1 Cup champion.  We're down to four fine competitors. 

Here are the matchups:
  • Big Van Vader vs The Rock
  • Harley Race vs Misawa

I, for one, am excited about any of these men wearing the A1 Cup crown.  The semi-final voting doesn't end until Wednesday so if you want your voice heard be sure to register at and find your way to the Slugfest of Doom forum.

RAW Tonight

Tonight's one of those Euro RAWS that can be, well, lacking.  We'll see.  I read the spoilers already and I will be interested to see how some of it comes off on TV tonight. 

One thing's for sure, it won't have a moment as real and/or as shocking as last week's RAW.

Cena: Heel?

The Rock confirmed he will be in Miami for the May 2nd RAW to celebrate his birthday.  I'm not saying WWE will pull the trigger on a Cena heel turn.  I will say that you absolutely, positively, could not ask for a better environment/opportunity to turn John Cena. 

It would be an easy story to write especially if Cena fails to capture the WWE Title the night before at Extreme Rules. 

I doubt they'll do it, but that would shakeup WWE.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best Current Theme

Had you asked me what the best theme was before last Monday I would have said, "Edge and CM Punk's are one and two, I'll give the slight nod to Edge." 

That being said, we've got a new "Best Current Theme" and it's CM Punk's theme by Killswitch Engage, "This Fire Burns."

The Worst

CM Punk, in my mind, is clearly the best.  Who is the worst?

"Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce

I mean, look at this guy.  He's got a gimmick that doesn't go with his look.  He's got the standard buzzcut/goatee combo that all dudes (myself included) rock, but he's wearing an 80's throwback robe.  His presentation is just a mess.  Is he good in the ring?  Hell if I know.  His look/gimmick combo alone earns him the title of The Worst.

Photo credit:

Friday, April 15, 2011

FFA: The Beatles

It's time for our first Free For All (FFA).  I thought long and hard about who or what deserved to be SAW's first non-wrestling blog post.  I had quite a list: Superman, Andre Dawson, Alabama Crimson Tide, Atlanta Falcons, etc.  After some thought, I settled on the Beatles.

This band could do it all.  Not only could they do it all, they did it all.  Such a great catalogue of great music along with such diverse sounds makes them the greatest band that ever lived in my opinion.

Here's one of my favorites thanks to twilly23 for posting this.

We danced to this cover of "In My Life" at our wedding.  We were married 40 years to the day after the piano bit was recorded.  Thanks to TheLawyer for the upload.

It's Friday!

Let's finish this week strong. 

Who gets the honor of being the focus of SAW's first "It's Friday!" post?  None other than the Rated-R Superstar, Edge.  Now I hear you groaning already.  I know you're saying, "I thought this was a wrestling blog, not an Edge blog," but hear me out.  Tonight is Edge's SmackDown farewell and if this song doesn't help you finish the week STRONG, then there's something wrong.  I want to run through a wall when I hear this song.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who is the best right now?

If I haven't said it by now this is the furthest thing from a "workrate" blog.  My bias is towards stories and characters with much less emphasis on analyzing the in-ring product.  All that being said, I want to tell l you who I think is the best wrestler in the business today.  When I say "wrestler," I'm talking the overall package.  Keep that in mind now.

Without further ado, the best wrestler in the business right now is...CM Punk. 

Why CM Punk?  Punk has a tremendous mind for the business.  No matter what he's doing, he continually hits all the right notes.  He is a fantastic example of doing all the little things right.  He has a grip on what his character is, what it should do and he owns that character.  It doesn't matter if he's a face who is doing things the right way, a heel with a Messiah complex saving souls through Straight Edge or simply a sadistic heel who wants to destroy Randy Orton for a past injustice.

That, in short, is why CM Punk is the best in the business today.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Future WWE Hall of Famers: John Cena

Let's kick this off with an obvious choice:

John Cena

Do I like him?  No, can't stand him as a matter of fact.  He is, however, clearly the top dog in WWE and has already accomplished a hell of a lot.  There's really nothing Cena hasn't done yet.  I anxiously await a heel turn though at some point.

Anyhow, here's how I look at Cena from a pros and cons standpoint:

  • Undeniable passion for the business, no one cares more about the WWE or the industry than John Cena.
  • Solid worker, I'm not a workrate guy by any stretch, but he's more than passable in the ring.  Has solid matches.
  • Sells a ton of merchandise, every arena he goes to looks like a big bowl of Fruity Pebbles (thanks Rock).
  • Kids love him, see above, every kid wants the shirts, the hats, the sweatbands.
  • Great guy, does a lot of work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  • Inconsistent character, he's all about Hustle, Loyalty and Respect, but they've had him do some really questionable and out-of-character things lately.  AA-ing The Rock for example.
  • Annoying character, he comes off as smarmy and like nothing really matters
  • Inconsistent promos, kind of a hybrid of the two previous cons.  He comes off as smug and tries to hard to be cutesy.  His feuds suffer due to this.
  • Dated look, buddy looks like he popped right of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's "Good Vibrations" video.  Jorts and underwear showing?  In 2011?  No way, man.
All that being said, he's one of the most slam dunk, surefire, HOFer in WWE at this moment especially if you look at those who aren't likely close to retirement.

I promise, the next edition will be someone that's less obvious.  I figured I'd get Mr. Cena out of the way though.



A1 Podcast

I've already pimped in my first blog post here, but wanted to call special attention to their podcast.  My best friend runs the point on that thing and these guys do a really tremendous job.  Episode 25 should be posted later today and I've been promised it will be a real treat for all you Edge fans out there. 

Here's a link directly to the A1 Podcast page


Here's a direct link to the MP3 of the podcast.  It's not up on the A1 Podcast page yet, but assume it will be shortly.

A1 Podcast 25 direct link

PROTIP: Right-click, Save As

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10 Favorite Current Wrestlers

I did this list on my Twitter feed @mckinneydg on March 27th.  This is in absolutely no particular order:
  • Randy Orton
  • Kofi Kingston
  • CM Punk
  • Sting
  • The Miz
  • Jack Swagger
  • AJ Styles
  • Big Show
  • Edge
  • Alberto Del Rio 
Honorable Mentions: Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry. 

Other Notes: I don't consider Ric Flair active or he'd be on this list.  Of course Edge is no longer technically on this last as of last night :-(

Edge's Retirement Speech

WWE RAW Review 4-11-2011

So-so episode of RAW with a really fantastic, emotional moment.  I didn't mind the opening segment simply because WWE doesn't rely on that "guy interrupts guy interrupts guy" style too much.  It was a simple way to setup the main event for the evening and honestly I was glad we didn't just launch straight back into Miz/Cena.

Didn't care for the APPLE/Corre stuff, but whatever.  It is what it is.  Kind of surprised to see Daniel Bryant brought into it as well as Mark Henry (to a lesser extent).

I got a kick out of Eve asking the ref to mark the Bella Twins.  Other than that I don't care enough about the Divas to care about her impending heel turn.  I will say that the backstage segment was poor acted and really awkward.

Really, what set this RAW apart was the sudden and shocking retirement of the Rated-R Superstar.  I already covered that though so all I'll add was the scene after the commercial break was really classy.

The main event was interesting.  I'm all for getting more guys involved.  Rumor has it John Morrison may have gotten better treatment had he not been in the WWE Doghouse.  I have no real issue with Truth getting a bit of a rub here and the crowd at least seemed to embrace it.  I hate Cena's character more than just about anything in wrestling right now.  They need to seriously reconsider the entire Cena package.  That crowd was really conflicted and he's supposedly their top face.  Sad...


I forgot about the Lawler/Cole/Swagger/JR thing.  I think the match idea is stupid.  If Swagger gets a push after all this then I'll be happy though.

Anyhow, mediocre RAW that was salvaged by the real world supplying some legit emotion/passion/drama.

Monday, April 11, 2011

So long Edge

Edge just SHOCKED the wrestling world as he has apparently had to hang 'em up for good.  If so, I'm proud to say I saw his last match when he retained the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVII. 

The speech itself was heartfelt and reminded me quite a bit of Double A hanging them up for the same reason with the great Nature Boy tearfully standing beside his friend. 

It's funny too because I'm pretty sure the last time I did a top 10 favorite list, Edge was on it.  For years leading up to that he was the epitome of "What does WWE see in this guy?" Guy for me.

He actually won me over with his Rated-R Superstar persona which was based on a really unfortunate set of circumstances.

Anyhow, I ramble.  Thank you Edge.  Enjoy retirement and I'm glad you got out with your relative health.

Thanks again Edge.

Doug Gilbert: Doin' it for the LULZ

Thanks to cja2k8 for the upload.

THE Wrestling Blog

Here's another solid dude, TH.  He runs THE Wrestling Blog.  He has fun, but also brings serious analysis and news.  If you want to read a legitimate wrestling blog, then TH is your man.

First thing I want to do is to pimp my favorite place to talk wrestling on the 'net.  That's right, it's  Stop by, sign up and post.  That is unless you're stupid.  If you're stupid, we don't want you there.