Thursday, December 8, 2011

WWE Talk Show?

DOT NET is reporting that WWE is looking at doing a daily talk show that would air on WWE Network and possibly simulcast on radio.  Here's a snippet of what DOT NET posted:
WWE officials are said to be exploring the possibility of doing a daily talk show that would air on the WWE Network and would also be simulcast as a radio show. The name floating around as the host of the rumored show is Scott Stanford, and the current idea is to make it a completely kayfabe show.
I'm sure it's the kid in me that loved the Jim Ross show here on Atlanta radio, but a kayfabed WWE show actually sounds interesting to me. Of course I would prefer to listen to a non-kayfabe wrestling show, but this could still be entertaining. It would take a special individual to be able to talk about WWE storylines the same way radio hosts talk sports though. It has to be difficult to talk about motivations/decisions/etc of a scripted program as if it were real.

While we are at it check out the A1 Podcast with SAW contributor, Norko if you would like some non-kayfabe wrestling discussion. Also TH's The Wrestling Podcast is another excellent example of wrestling analysis.