Monday, December 19, 2011

World Heavyweight Championship at TLC

As evidenced by my Twitter feed last night, I am not as thrilled about how the World Heavyweight Championship situation played out. If you have not seen or read results, take a look at Jason Powell's report on DOT NET.
Show came back and grabbed Henry's throat, but Henry shoved it aside. Show came back with a knockout punch. The punch dropped Henry. Show clutched his hand in pain. Show simply walked over and covered Henry for the three count to win the match and the World Hvt. Championship.

After the match, Henry attacked Show with a chair. Henry DDT'd Show on a chair. A small "Daniel Bryan" chant broke out. Sure enough, Bryan's music played and he ran to the ring while dragging referee Scott Armstrong with him.

8. Daniel Bryan pinned Big Show to win the World Hvt. Championship. Bryan simply covered Big Show. The referee made the three count. Show kicked out immediately after (and maybe even before) the three count. Bryan raced to ringside with the title belt and gloated in front of Cole. He looked into the camera and thanked everybody at home who has supported him. Show looked on in shock...
There's a couple of things I do not really care for here.

The primary one is having Mark Henry drop the strap at this point. Henry has been an excellent dominant heel and is the most interesting thing WWE has going right now in my opinion and that includes CM Punk. Secondly, I really liked the idea of Daniel Bryan being a legitimate "white hat" in this day and age. Him waiting to cash in at WrestleMania like he initially said he would really worked for me. I did not like it when he had the failed cash in on SmackDown and do not care for the actual cash in at TLC.  Jason Powell touches on another aspect of this that I tend to agree with as well.
Powell's POV: The internet may break, but I'm not a fan of that scenario. Show vs. Henry was way too short and the finish was awkward. I don't think the live crowd saw that as the finish. Hell, I know I didn't. As for Bryan, yes, it's cool that he is getting his moment as the World Hvt. Championship. However, I fear that this is more about the company not wanting him in that World Hvt. Championship match at WrestleMania than it is about them believing in Bryan.
All that being said, I will be very curious as to how Daniel Bryan is treated as WHC. If this whole scenario is leading to a heel turn for DB then some of my misgivings will go away. I still like the idea of a pure face more, but a heel Daniel Bryan can certainly work.

Basically I am disappointed in Henry dropping the strap, but I will have to give this time to see where this angle is going.

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