Friday, December 2, 2011

Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan on Smackdown

I hope you took the opportunity to watch Smackdown one of the two times it was broadcast this week.  There was a ton of silliness, but the main event absolutely delivered.

Mark Henry, selling a leg injury, put one heck of a fun cage match with IWC darling, Daniel Bryan.  There were some cool spots with Bryan trying to escape the cage.  There were some nice spots with Henry catching Bryan with devastating power moves.  Most importantly, there was a ton of suspense.  Several times during the match I actually thought that Bryan might pull out the victory.  Some of the escape spots were really well done and most importantly felt organic.

The finish?  It was incredible and Mark Henry deserves a ton of credit for that.  Do what you have to do to check this match out.

Full episode should be uploaded soon so you can check out the rest of the match.

Upload Credit: WWE's YouTube

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