Saturday, December 10, 2011

FFA: Go Army, Beat Navy!

My uncle is a West Point graduate and my grandfather retired from the US Army as a Sergeant Major.  For those reasons I pull for Army in the annual Army/Navy game.  This is the only rivalry that I might put ahead of the Iron Bowl.  This game means just about everything to both teams.  The men involved obviously have much bigger callings than football as well.  It's such a unique environment around that game as well.

I love Army and Navy's classic uniform looks, but this year they are going to look a bit different.  Both will be outfitted in Nike Pro Combat looks.  I think Nike hit a home run with these looks.

Here's Army's Pro Combat look. I really dig the numbering as well as the desert boot look. As always, the gloves look cool as well.

As for Navy, the helmets are the highlight for me. I also like their gloves as well.

Upload Credit: Nike Football

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