Friday, November 25, 2011

WWE '12 Review

Picked up WWE '12 on its release day.  Have played quite a bit since then.  Here are some early thoughts on the game.
  • The AI is much improved, the CPU opponents can actually beat you fairly frequently on Normal. 
  • It's a very good looking game.
  • They got rid of the button mashing system for breaking pins.  You have use the "Hold X and release in the blue area" method which is much tougher for me.
  • Running strikes and grapples are harder to hit than they used to be. If you don't time it just right you will run into the opponent and you both stumble backwards a few steps.
  • Tag finishers are awesome. I've used the Doomsday Device and Demolition's finishers a bunch. Really cool.
  • The roster is incredible and will only get better once Savage and Foley are released. I wish it was 80s style Savage, but I'll take cowboy hat/long tights Savage as well.  Guys like Demolition, The Road Warriors, Vader, Alberto del Rio, Brock Lesnar and Sin Cara are excellent additions.
  • The updated CM Punk entrance, the option for Disfigured Cody Rhodes or Dashing Cody Rhodes are some examples of nice touches that improve the game.  One miss is that the Mark Henry entrance looks like his standard face one and isn't as menacing as it should be.
If you're a wrestling fan or liked the Smackdown series, I highly recommend picking up this game.  You will not be disappointed.

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