Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WWE '12: Macho Man and WCW

As if this game needed to get any better...the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage has been confirmed as DLC in WWE '12.  He made his first WWE game appearance in a long time in WWE All-Stars.  Now we finally get him in the main franchise game.

Read the official announcement on THQ's WWE '12 site.
He made his return in the smash hit WWE All Stars, but now he's giving a flying elbow drop to the Superstars and Legends of WWE '12
Savage's inclusion is more than enough reason to be excited about this game, but there is another reason that SAW is excited about this game.

It turns out that World Championship Wrestling (WCW) will play a large part in the storyline mode of this game. There are pictures of all the titles out there and they even have nWo-style WWE and World Title belts with WCW spray painted on them.

I am always excited about the latest iteration in this series, but this year should really be great. The addition of Macho and the tip of the cap to WCW will really push it over the top.

Check this picture out, it is my desktop wallpaper at work now.