Sunday, November 27, 2011

Punk's perspective on his SummerSlam return

DOT NET recapped an ESPN interview with CM Punk.  While I still think CM Punk is the best thing in wrestling right now, he is wrong about this:
"In a perfect world, yeah, you could stretch everything out more, but realistically, it's a business," Punk said. "You needed a main event for SummerSlam. So for all of the armchair bookers out there who are like, 'No, Punk came back too soon!' I agree with you, but, the second-largest pay-per-view of the year, what match are you going to put in the main event? People need to take that into account. Nobody ever likes to look into things, they just like to bitch and complain about everything."
I don't think he's wrong simply because he has a different perspective on his return than I do. He is wrong for implying that people who disliked the return "just like to bitch and complain" and do not like "to look into things." That is an ignorant position to take in my opinion. I think it is entirely possible to look at all factors related to Punk's return before SummerSlam and still say, "It was a mistake." I know that we spent a ton of time discussing it on A1.  Jason Powell touches on this as well:
An argument can be made that WWE could have ultimately made more money in the long run if they had held Punk off television after Money in the Bank. Of course, there are no guarantees and WWE opted to put Punk on their biggest show of the summer.
Punk discusses the Rock as well.  The whole DOT NET recap is worth a read.  

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