Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kamala: Foot amputation?

One of the fine posters on WCMB, shared the other day that he had heard from someone in the business that Kamala the Ugandan Giant either had or was scheduled to have his foot amputated due to complications from diabetes.  Obviously, if true, this is a shame.  I have not seen this widely reported elsewhere though so I'm still unsure about the validity of this claim.  Shoot me a link if you do see a reputable story about this so I can update this article.

Kamala is one of the great gimmicks/characters in wrestling history.  It is just such a cool and unique gimmick and such a part of the over-the-top world of professional wrestling.  I really enjoyed learning more about Kamala as well during the Card Subject to Change documentary that I posted about around 10 days ago.

Here's the first part of one of my favorite Kamala moments.

Upload Credit: Celi6666

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