Saturday, November 12, 2011

Further evidence Mark Henry rules

Shore's WWE Smackdown Hitlist on DOT NET had this in its Hits section:
Mark Henry: It didn't matter if he was talking to Daniel Bryan or Big Show, or if he was wrestling. Everything Mark Henry did on this show was top notch. From his cadence to his facial expressions to his gesture, he is the top guy in all of WWE, regardless of what the machine tells you. Right now, he is the best reason to order Survivor Series, not the Rock and John Cena.
Ever since WWE fired up this legitimate push for Mark Henry, he's been almost CM Punk level at doing all the little things right. I have said all this before, but his facial expressions add so much to that gimmick. In Friday's show, the look he got on his face when he got hit with the chair was awesome. When he delivers the WSS and has that pissed off look on his face? Perfect.

Henry really has become an asset for WWE. Let's hope they realize that and keep using him effectively. He has been a pleasure to watch lately.

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